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the strategy for the future – Time

He has publicly refused any question about the Quirinale, but Mario Draghi in private talks speaks of the future and the possibility of leaving the leadership of the government to climb the Colle. “If it were my turn to be chosen for the Quirinale, I certainly could not indicate a successor or develop a new executive. I would leave a free hand to politics, the leaders would find an agreement between them ”are the words of the premier to another important member of the executive told in a background of La Stampa. Behind this discourse there is the clear desire to send a relaxing message after too many words on a semi-presidentialism: the Prime Minister respects all the prerogatives of the parties and of Parliament.

Draghi enjoy your four pensions and Mattarella don't tell lies

In the meantime, the three-way talks between Matteo Salvini, Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte go on: they want to find an understanding and decide together the game of Colle, forgetting the poisons of the past. “We have to do it for the good of the country. It is not the time to think about our sympathies and it is not the case to entrust the dialogue to someone else, I will follow everything in first person. Trust me ”the words of the leader of the 5 Star Movement to his followers, who do not digest the talks with the secretary of the League.

Does Draghi know that Japan has closed its borders against Covid?

“If the conditions are created we are ready to support you” the words of the facade that are referred to Draghi, but there is no certainty of an election at Palazzo Chigi, where indeed they look with suspicion at the moves of the parties: “There is a stormy air disguised as a calm ”. The ministers closest to Draghi hope that in the end it will be possible to converge on his name, forgetting who wants an encore from Sergio Mattarella or who is aiming for the election of Silvio Berlusconi. But one thing is already clear: the name of the former central banker does not warm hearts and a credible alternative is being sought at all costs.

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