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The success of retro sport during the coronavirus: “People need their dose of drugs”

“It is like winning again,” says Perico Delgado, again a great television star during this seclusion.

Pedro Delgado on a descent with the PDM in 1986.

Pedro Delgado, Petrovic or Arkonadahave beentrending topicin the last days. In the midst of a pandemic, the great stars of the past have overcome the logical avalanche of content on thecoronavirusto sneak into the houses and sit on the sofa nostalgic adults and young people with a discoverer spirit. Retro broadcasts emerged as a desperate resource for sports channels to fill grills that had been sadly empty, but have become an unexpected success: good audiences and great impact on social networks, where people comment on a basket ofEpior a goal fromRomarioas if it were live. Suddenly,Spain shouts again “Perico, Perico, Perico!”at siesta time.

It’s like winning again“laughs the Segovian cyclist, who in a week has expired inLuz Ardiden, has dressed in yellow inAlpe d’Huez, has made Roche faint in La Plagne and has given him a Tour ofRobert MIllarin, where better,Dyc Distilleries. “Even I had not been able to see these stages, so I enjoy them as a dwarf. There was no internet and, until now, they have been clandestine: either you saw them live or you have only heard stories. The kids hallucinate with how different ours was Cycling, without pinganillos and with bikes with which I would not dare to go down now, not even a third-class port, “Delgado reasons about a phenomenon that, like everyone, admits a psychological explanation.

The offersMarian Rojas-Estap, psychiatrist and author ofHow to make good things happen to you, an editorial phenomenon that has already sold 200,000 copies. “For many people, sport is their escape route and an almost daily motivation. The imminence of a sporting event that interests us makes the brain’s reward system kick in by anticipating enjoyment. All of a sudden, all those people They have taken away something that is, in quotes,A drug: What excites you, makes you laugh or cry and allows you to disconnect from your problems. And, now more than ever, you need your dose, even if it’s delayed. “

“Yesterday makes us happy today”

But it is this deferred that seems to undermine the very essence of sport. If I know how it ends, why do I see it?Antoni DaimielHe has been the voice of the NBA in Spain for 25 years and is now on TV talking again aboutJordaninstead of aboutLeBron. He gives a gourmet explanation: “We thought that this society, with an excess of leisure options, had turned sport into something just to watch live. Now we discover that, like a movie or a record, sport supports revision. to do justice to athletes that we do not have very categorized or that we have a created image of adolescents, which is an age in which we idealize or despise more emotional factors than sports. Now we make a more balanced judgment. With this we learn ” .

True, but that does not explain why the other day the goal ofGodnthat gave the League to Atleti six years ago. Am I crazy, doctor? “Not especially. We know that the memory of an event activates the same substances in your brain as when we live them live, be it your wedding or a party. The power of memory is enormous. I see the goal ofIniesta against Hollandand, although I know that the ball goes inside and that Spain wins, I am happy again. A game from yesterday makes us happy today, that’s why we are watching them “, Rojas-Estap appeases me.

Sport, like records and books, admits revisions.

Antoni Daimiel

The fact is that all that material was there and nobody paid attention to it. Well, almost nobody.Paco GrandeHe is a RTVE classic and has dedicated the last eight years to putting order in the infinite archive of public television, the only one that can go beyond the nostalgia of the eighties and nineties and show off a goal ofAmancioor ofPlease. Now it is shown that he was right. “They told me that this was dandruffAnd yet, whenever we pull out old stuff, people get hooked. And it has an especially applicable explanation in this delicate moment: it unites generations.Grandparents, parents and children sit to watch it, to explain the elders to the youth how good it wasSabonisor where were you when you dialedMacedaTo Germany. It unites us in a situation where we need it, “he explains.

“You are not the only one who suffers”

Our family psychiatrist confirms the importance of this collective experience when citizens begin to need something that takes them away from the harsh reality for a while: “Screens are the great escape mechanism of our culture and the brain has become accustomed to the fact that, before Frustration or boredom, we turn to the mobile, the TV or the computer, but now, instead of distraction, they offer you 95% news on the same topic, a sad topic.These sports broadcasts allow you to disconnectAnd also, on social networks people are commenting on them and it gives you a feeling of community. We are afraid and one of the ways to manage it is to feel that you are not the only one who is suffering. Finding a group that is seeing the same thing as you mitigates that fear. “

True, for a while the only fear is that Delgado will be late for the Luxembourg prologue again or give him a fuck. It happens, but it does not matter and he knows it: “With this, for a whole generation I stop being a TV commentator and return to being a cyclist. And although the magic of not knowing how it ends is lost, the romanticism of a less professionalized sport, more beautiful, more peak … Now we all need something that excites us for a while a day and this achieves it. ” As it is. Perico, Perico, Perico!

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