The Sudanese man shot dead during the protest as the sides crossed the transition


KHARTOUM (Reuters) – The paramilitary witnesses announced that Sudanar's opposition protested against the military council in Sennar's Sunday, and said Witnesses, and one man died as a result of the opposition's shot.

The killing took place with the military council and the opposition of civilians mitigating the final data on a power-sharing agreement prior to elections after the main presidential Omar al-Bashir had been abolished after major protests weeks.

“The spirit of the martyr Anwar Hassan Idris was taken in the city of al-Suki, the state of Sennar, after hurting the Janjaweed's militia,” Sudan's Medical Committee linked the opposition in a statement.

Some protesters who were rallying against the use of violence by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) were paramilitary to cancel demonstrations, hurt in the incident and some were in critical condition, he said.

The RSF did not respond immediately to a request for comments.

The RSF grew out of Arab militias that were accused of doing atrocities in Darfur's western condition. The RSF commander, who is also deputy head of the military council, denied the allegations.

In the capital of Khartoum, military rulers and protesters' protests and opposition groups continued to interfere with the draft final constitutional declaration which is to organize a transitional period for free elections and the civilian rule.

Both sides had reached broad agreement on power sharing during a transitional period but were still discussing some data, including the powers of a head of council comprising civilians and military officers.

The Military Transitional Council is claiming its members exemption from a pre-contract prosecution for blood stopping.

Both sides were scheduled to come together Sunday afternoon, but the opposition leader said that his side asked 48 hours of consultation, state news agency SUNA reported. A new meeting is now expected on Tuesday.

The rally was held in al-Suki, 340 km (201 miles) southeast of Khartoum, to challenge the violence by the RSF, who is accused of killing at least 128 people in a raid on a protest in Charity. 3 June and subsequent attacks.

The military council declared at least 61 deaths.

Long talks between the military council and the Opposition Forces on Freedom and Change fell after violent segregation. But direct talks revived after intervention efforts from the African Union and Ethiopia.

Reporting at Nadine Awadalla in Khartoum and Khalid Abdelaziz in Cairo; Writing with Yousef Saba; Edited by Mark Heinrich and Daniel Wallis

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