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Summer invites books

Many readers take advantage of the summer months to recover late readings or enjoy vacation time with a good title in hand. The Paper Sphere propose more than a hundred options from very different genres literary and disciplinary between the intense editorial production of 2019. Novel, essay, History, theater, poetry, biography, thought, best-seller, children and youth, art … A selection for all tastes, ages and preferences.

Best sellers (by Luis Alemany)

Sakura Matilde Asensi (The Sphere of the Books). Years ago, a Japanese millionaire dropped the rumor that he was going to be incinerated with a VanGogh canvas. Did he really? Asensi, back after four years of silence and with all his work reissued, mounted an escape room around this mystery.

The death of the commander (II). Haruki Murakami (Tusquets).

Long seashell. Isabel Allende. Plaza & Jans. The Chilean writer investigates and recreates the trip of the Winnipegg, the ship that took 2,200 Republican exiles to Chile. Neruda makes a beautiful appearance like many of the strong women who accompanied Isabel Allende in her education.

Call a Sunday afternoon. Jvier Cid (Plaza & Jans). That beast of the night that was Martn Lobo is reunited with his readers nine years after his first novel. Now he arrives more emaciated, wiser and more willing to laugh at himself, although he remains tied to the same longing for love and security of all life.

A history of Spain. Arturo Prez-Reverte (Alfaguara). The novelist recovers his articles in the press about Historia de Espaa, he spins them in a book and finds them a meaning: to deny the tremendismo as much as the complacency. The result, that s, tends to the melancholy of lost opportunities.

A golden cage. Camilla Lckberg (Maeva). Remember that obsession with the Scandinavian black novels of a decade ago? The fashion happened but Camilla Lckberg, with her thrillers of perfect lives and suequsimas one day break and discover avengers of the most unexpected.

Chest fro. Jaime Bayly (Alfaguara). Bayly's novels have changed in many things since the time of The night is virgin, but they stay the same in the essence. There is not so much transgression, but there is that air of self-parody to narrate the sea of ​​doubts that is the search for sexual identity.

Before the terrible years. Vctor of the tree (Destination). There are also best sellers that border on journalism. From the tree, winner of the Nadal Prize, he writes here about the children and the lords of the war who try to survive in Africa and the ballast that does not let them overcome their dramas.

If this is a woman. Noem Trujillo and Lorenzo Silva (Destination). The grace of the crime novel consists in this: a criminal investigation, apparently indecipherable, serves to reveal everything we do not like about our life in society. Detective Manuela Mauri is our guide on a trip that stops at a landfill.

The son of the Italian. Rafel Nadal (Planet). Nearly one thousand Italian sailors took refuge in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) in 1944. His story, almost forgotten, serves to Rafel Nadal build a novel of personal search with historical landscape, written with the appearance of a great historical production.

Police novels (by Leandro Prez)

From another place. scar Montoya (Alliance of Novels). In the Levante, the tap water is unpalatable, you can not drink it. Thankfully, I almost never drink water. The irnico and peculiar inspector Tojeira faces corrupt police and faces in Alicante and Vitoria in the early 80's. Very entertaining.

The carousel of confusions. Andrea Camilleri (Salamander). At half past five that morning … If only one can remain, from France, Maigret; from Greece, Jaritos; from Sweden, Wallander; and from Italy, since 1994 and until always, Montalbano. (And here they resolve between Carvalho and Romano).

The last ship. Domingo Villar (Siruela). The tall woman stopped reading, she fell on her back and did not know that the dream was coming. Leo Caldas, a quiet, stubborn and compassionate inspector, investigates a disappearance. Although Villar shines black novels on the outside and tales of love to his Galician land inside.

Falc, Eva and Sabotage. Arturo Prez-Reverte (Debolsillo). The woman who was going to die had spoken for ten minutes on the first-class car. An exciting and addictive triloga, recently published in pocket, that moves us from the broken Spain of 36 to Pars del Guernica, passing through Tnger.

The blindness of the crab. Alexis Ravelo (Siruela). Why Jose Angel Fuentes Medina bought a razor of the thought to kill and why gave him the use for which it had been conceived …. An investigation with enigmas, persecutions and violence. And with an irradiating nucleus: the painter Csar Manrique.

The purple network. Carmen Mola (Alfaguara). The screen shows a space almost empty, soulless. There is only one wooden chair in the center of the room and a large monitor on a rough, brick wall. If all the books are a product, this works like a Swiss watch. Truculent and tremendous.

Smokers of smoke. Claudio Cerdn (Ediciones B). Harrelson Levy was King Midas. Saba transform the clay into gold. A retired police, a pimp and a mercenary are looking for a murderer in Madrid. If Ellroy or Winslow wanted to portray the corrupt Spain of 2013 they will not be able to give birth to a better novel.

Prohibited to fix cartels. Paco gmez Escribano (Millennium). The Leja realized in time that to remain a junkie was not going to take him anywhere. A neighborhood novel and scathing where everything, or almost everything, happens in the bar of Chino, a gambling house with an old flavor. A hardboiled of Canillejas.

Stories. Patricia Highsmith (Anagram). This billet of the magnificent collection Compendium -home with all who can: are Carrre, Nabokov, Carver, Dahl …- rene the first five books of stories of the writer. So that everything fits it must be placed along with the five novels by Tom Ripley.

Bruna Husky series. Rosa Montero (Seix Barral). Bruna awoke with a start and remembered that she was going to die. If you use ebook, a good purchase is the pack with the three novels of this replicating detective, also devourable in paper. Montero transcends the genre from the United States of Earth, in 2109.

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