"The teachers take us into a fight that does not concern us! "


Criticism about the management of this baccalaureate session continues, even though all the copies were made by the striker teachers.

By Mattea Battaglia, Anne Devailly and Venantia Petillault Posted today at 06:35, updated at 08:26

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A high school student looks at the results of the vat 2019 in Tours on July 5th.
A high school student looks at the results of the vat 2019 in Tours on July 5th. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

It must have been the epilogue of a bachelor's degree session that rocked more than any other in decades. A day of "catch-up", but not only for the 103,800 candidates who, with a score between 8 and 10 out of 20, are summoned for the so-called "second group" orals: for the government too, engaged in a test of force with teachers holding notes and copies, a return to calm was expected Monday, July 8.

And it took place, at least for the Minister of National Education. "The day went according to what we wanted, in somewhat exceptional circumstances," said Jean-Michel Blanquer, who was greeted by protesters near Bordeaux. " At this time, we speak hundreds of copies not returned and no longer in thousands "he said in the middle of the afternoon.

The "counter" of missing copies has reached the expected "zero" on Monday night – when 10,000 were still held on Friday, July 5, 35,000 on July 4, and even more than 100,000 a few days earlier.

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A "little point" that is missing

End of crisis? "End of a hard-to-live session" loose Sofia (her name has been changed at her request), 17 years old, high school student who, with an average bac "Grazing 9/20", was hoping, Monday, to win this " small dot " which is missing to be able to get the bac. "I tried not to worry too much with all that is heard … I only hope that the bac this year will not be less valuable! "

Sofia was not the only one, in this first of three days of "catching up", to express her emotion at the change of rules in the evaluation. In front of the examination centers, the high school students, rather quiet since the beginning of this session, did not hesitate to take the floor to comment on the " technical solution " Mr. Blanquer, in the face of a strike, said that in the case of missing grades, those of continuous monitoring should be taken into account. And if the score of the final test, once known, is better, it can be retained.

" Even if I do not find it egalitarian, it's finally a chance, for me, this strike, breath Nancy, 18, who passes a tray technology in Paris. Thanks to the continuous control note, I was able to reach 8.7 / 20 of average and claim to catch up. " " Other ", with a general average of 7.8 / 20 and a missing grade, the girl would probably not have benefited from a " Second chance ".


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