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Gypsy romancero
Authorship: Federico García Lorca and Lluís Pasqual. Direction: Lluís Pasqual. Interpretation: Núria Espert. Teatre Municipal de Girona, November 16th. Festival High Season.

Núria Espert goes on stage as the great singers do in a concert: she receives applause before opening her mouth. Saturday was the ovation of the Teatre Municipal de Girona at the beginning and at the end of Gypsy romancero, a show that is both a poetic recital, an evocation of the thoughts of Federico García Lorca linked to the poemario and also of the memories of the actress, whose name will always be linked to that of the poet and that of Lluís Pasqual, who directs the editing.

Espert and Pasqual have worked both the words of Lorca that make it very easy, the apparent simplicity of the proposal prevents them from seeing the seams. In a minimal stage – six theater seats divided by a small corridor – the actress speaks from within the verses, from his memory or following the explanations that the author of Granada gave to the colleagues of the Residencia de Estudiantes about words that he was also a mystery to him. Modulate the voice to convenience to evoke that girl who recited the Romance of the moon moon On the veranda of a coffee or that cute and lonely Federico, he dedicated himself to the theater because "everything in the theater is shared".

The most magical moments of this polyphonic monologue come when the actress invokes the spirits of Mariana Pineda and the mother of Blood Wedding interpreted by Margarita Xirgu; the conversation with Rafael Alberti about the enigmas of the Romantic sleepwalk or the terrified interpretation of the Romance of the Civil Guard.

The grief, the moon and the tragic air of what is considered the great poem of Andalusia resonate by a silent plateau that only breaks small sparks of music, such as Rider's song by Paco Ibáñez.

As if it were a bis, the evening closes with another gift: The cry to Rome of Poet in New York who gives birth to another of the thousand worlds living in Lorca.



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