They rescue an old man who was trapped at home for two days after falling and unable to get up


Civil Guard agents have helped a 76-year-old man with mobility problems who remained injured for 48 hours on the floor of his home in Fraga (Huesca), before a neighbor alerted with concern that he had not seen him for days .

According to the Armed Institute, the notice was given last week by the neighbor through a call to the 112 emergency service, from which an alert voice was issued to the Civil Guard to be appointed at the address of this person higher.

Upon arriving at the door of the building, the agents heard a weak and choppy voice from inside asking for help, so, given the urgency of the events and the inability to locate relatives, they proceeded to force the door of the home.

Once inside, the guards located the man lying on the ground, immobilized, with respiratory problems, disoriented and with hypothermia.

While waiting for a medicalized ambulance, the agents proceeded to gently incorporate the man, who told them that he had been in that situation for two days. . (tagsToTranslate) lifeguard after being wounded


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