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“They still have little traffic experience” (sensitive photos)

Sad discovery on the edge of our nationals this Tuesday morning: the inert body of a young wolf was found in Flanders, next to the Meeuwerbaan. He is probably one of the five cubs born this year, as Jeroen Denaeghel, spokesperson for “Natuur en Bos” explains: “They still have little traffic experience, so it is plausible that ‘this is one of those young people. “

Wolves are very mobile animals and are therefore more likely to come into contact with our traffic. “We still have beautiful nature in Limburg where many spectacular animal species feel at home, such as this pack of wolves which has settled for several years”, explains the Opglabbek nature aid center. “The wolf that was affected shows that there is still a lot of work to be done in our traffic infrastructures in order to avoid as much as possible this kind of unfortunate event. “

No one has yet come forward to report the accident. Last year two young wolves were also killed in Oudsbergen and Hechtel-Eksel. At the end of last year, another wolf was struck on the N76 at Oudsbergen, but searches for the wolf have failed to find a body.


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