Think about your position; Corbyn says the Laboratory with PM Johnson resigning


BRIGHTON, England (Reuters) – British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn asked Boris Johnson on Tuesday for resignation and claimed a new election after the Supreme Court had administered the prime minister's move to illegal suspension of parliament.

Corbyn was one of a number of opposition manufacturers to increase the pressure on Johnson, and his hard strategy to take Britain out of the EU, with or without dealings, appeared to be on 31 October at resolution following court ruling.

“I invite Boris Johnson, in the historical words, to consider his position. And he has always been the main minister, ”said Corbyn with his party's annual conference in Brighton seaside center in England.

Johnson will not quit, Downing Street sources said, but the prime minister will face an angry parliament on Wednesday, where law makers will do their best to prevent Brexit without dealing.

Britain is due to leave the EU on 31 October, but Brexit is more uncertain than ever, and few people were able to predict when, how or even the country is going to predict.

Corbyn said: “By law, do not deal with the board, and have an election to elect a government that respects democracy, respects the rule of law and gives power back to the people, it does not accept the way that Boris Johnson did. ”

Corbyn gave his final speech for a day, and will now face the party around 1500 GMT.

The court decision arose from Corbyn, which frustrated many of its self-EU law makers one day through its Brexit strategy to push – to try to win an election, and then make a special conference to determine how Labor should campaign in any second referendum.

Many members and lawmakers said it was time for Labor to start a campaign to stay in the EU even before an election, which is expected to come before the end of the year, but they lost a chaotic vote on the floor. conference.

Reported by Elizabeth Piper and William James, Edited by Angus MacSwan

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