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This camera does not need a photographer

We have gradually heard a lot about self-driving cars, although it is still a while until they are a common sight on the roads, but what about self-driving cameras? This is exactly what Canon has now launched. The idea behind it is that it is often the same person in a family or other group who is behind the camera every time. Thus, this person is also not in any of the pictures.

This is the “problem” the Canon Powershot PX is meant to solve. Maybe not a gigantic problem, but still real.

Looks like a surveillance camera

On the outside, it looks like a normal surveillance camera, but according to Canon, it is certainly not what it actually is. Although it can be remotely controlled over a wireless network, neither images nor video are uploaded to the network unless the user himself does so afterwards. All recordings are stored on standard microSD cards.

The camera is self-propelled in the sense that it can be placed on a table or other surface and set to shoot from there all by itself. It can rotate up to 340 degrees, tilt 110 degrees and zoom in and out.

Face detection is of course included, so the camera can take pictures when it sees that the position of the subject is correct. It can also be set to prioritize certain faces, if desired.

It is not equipped with any artificial intelligence or machine learning ability as such, but it has a kind of database at the bottom, which contains data from a bunch of different images and motifs. This forms the basis of the automatic camera and is, as we understand it, much the same as the automatic in other camera models from Canon.


The built-in battery is said to last anywhere from two to five hours, depending on how much photos and video are stored, but it can also be charged and / or charged continuously via a USB-CF charger. Charger is not included, but since the requirement is as low as 7.5 watts, it is not unlikely that you already have something that works, lying in a drawer.

The camera module itself has about 12 megapixels on a 1 / 2.3 “CMOS chip and a 3x zoom equivalent to 19-57 mm at full format. The close range is 20 cm for wide angle and 30 cm for telephoto, which should be more than enough for a camera who must stand still for themselves and click away without supervision.

You can control the Powershot PX with your mobile phone, or go through the photos it has taken afterwards. Photo: Canon

The camera does not take still images in raw format, only JPG, and on the video front it is 1920×1080 with 60p or 30p that applies, in MP4 format.

Canon is also launching an app that can be used to remotely control the camera, but should it get tight, you can also use voice control.

And should you want to use it as a surveillance camera or webcam anyway, you can too, by connecting it to a PC and running an app from Canon for just that use.

Sales start in Norway around the middle of November, and the recommended price will be 5249.


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