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This weekend, thousands sleep out in nature

– In recent years, this has really managed to become the whole of Norway’s sleep-out day. Everyone is welcome, both those who have never spent the night out before and those who do it constantly away, says Bente Lier, Secretary General of Norwegian Outdoor Life, in a press release.

It is the umbrella organization for the 18 large outdoor organizations and several local organizers that are behind it when the whole of Norway is invited to sleep outside on Saturday 4 September.

Where you spend the night, or whether it is in a tent, hammock or in the open air, is up to you.

Think many will participate

In recent years, up to 100,000 have slept outside this night, and Norsk Friluftsliv expects that many will take the trip out again this year.

– In the last year, even more people have opened their eyes to the outdoor life, so there is certainly reason to expect high participation, says Lier.

  • Arranged across the country 4.-12. September
  • Over 1400 trips and activities can be found at www.friluftslivetsuke.no
  • On Saturday 4 September, the whole of Norway is invited to sleep outside during #nattinaturen
  • Sunday 5 September marks both Mushroom Day and Get Out Day
  • 11.-12. September, the whole of Norway is invited to take part in a trip with meaning – a low-threshold charity event for nature
  • The umbrella organization Norsk Friluftsliv and its 18 member organizations with around 5000 teams and associations are behind the celebration

Sleeping outside is especially popular with young people. In an Ipsos survey from last year, as many as 49 per cent of those between the ages of 15 and 24 stated that they had had at least one night outdoors during the summer.

Celebrates short-distance nature experiences

#nattinaturen is the starting shot for Friluftslivets week, which lasts from 4 to 12 September. This week there will be over 1400 outdoor activities, trips and activity days across the country.

The goal is to invite the whole of Norway out into nature, and to celebrate the Norwegian right of public access. It is also thanks to it that we have the right to spend the night in nature.

– Thanks to the right of public access, you are free to set up your tent or hammock wherever you want in the open. Just remember not to camp closer than 150 meters from inhabited houses and cabins, so you are not a nuisance to others, says Lier.

If you want to participate in #nattinaturen, you can sleep outside mostly where you want. In addition, there will also be joint overnight stays under the auspices of local teams and associations across the country, which are open to everyone. Where these are held can be found in the activity calendar at www.friluftslivetsuke.no.


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