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Tips to extend the battery life of the cell phone – Devices – Technology

While the consumption of cell phone battery It depends largely on the use that each user gives their phone, there are some tricks to ensure a longer life.

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Google explained at the Android Dev 2018 summit a trick to make the battery last and, therefore, save energy on the ‘smartphone’. Something as simple as putting the device in “dark mode” whenever possible.

The technology giant carried out tests in which they evaluated the consumption of a Google Pixel and an iPhone 7 when they show a screenshot at maximum brightness. Consumption is reduced by 63% when using the Android terminal with maximum brightness in dark mode.

But to be able to access these savings, the screen must be OLED. A technology that allows individual pixels to use little energy in dark areas. Something that is not noticeable on the LCD screens.

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Keys so that your cell phone does not download so quickly:

If you are not going to consume multimedia content, it is recommended to lower the screen resolution to ‘High Definition Plus’ (1,440 x 720). This manual adjustment changes the clarity and therefore allows a decrease in energy expenditure. Although the size and distribution of content is not affected, some running apps may be disabled. There are cell phones that also allow you to automatically decrease the resolution of the screen.

Everytime I can, log out of social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. “Most of them allow you to save the password, so normally you will have direct and fast access without having to enter the data again,” explains Vanegas. iOS also allows you to activate or deactivate the apps that use the global positioning system in the background, as well as the applications that need to be validating updates on the internet, according to Alexánder Franco, iShop’s technical leader.

By not loading all the contentUsing the light versions of apps like Facebook or Twitter helps to have efficient battery consumption, according to Venegas.

Activate power saving mode and, when necessary, the ultra mode, which some manufacturers offer. This mode turns off many of the phone’s services and, although it can leave certain apps available to work in the background, almost always the device is left with the minimum connection of the phone, so it is advisable to use it only for extreme situations.

If you don’t use it, disable. Disabling some connection services while you’re not using them can make a difference. You have the option to disable mobile data, bluetooth, GPS, auto sync, vibration, and auto-rotate. On the other hand, adjusting the brightness manually is a possibility that will also help you in the battery conservation process.

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