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Titled Farah fails to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics

British athletics Olympic champion Mo Farah failed to meet the Tokyo Olympics qualification standards in the 10,000-meter race on Friday.

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Four-time Olympic champion Farah had to run 10,000 meters faster than 27 minutes and 28 seconds at the British Athletics Championships in Manchester, but his time was 27 minutes and 47.04 seconds.

Farahs won Olympic gold in the 10,000-meter race in 2012 and 2016.

“The weather was pretty windy. I was trying to increase the pace until my lungs no longer held. That’s all a person can do,” said the two-time Olympic champion, also in the 5,000-meter distance. “My career has been great, for which I am infinitely grateful.”

“It’s hard to accept. I’ve always told myself that if I can’t fight the best, I won’t make it to the finals. This start was not enough this time,” Farah did not hide his disappointment.

Farah also failed to meet the Olympic standards at the beginning of the month in Birmingham. Even then, Farah measured the distance between 27 minutes and 50 seconds, but in Birmingham the ankle injury prevented him from fighting for the best result.

The athlete had not previously suffered a loss in the 10,000 meter race for almost ten years. In 2017, Farah decided to retrain for the marathon distance, but before the Tokyo Olympics, he announced that he was looking to meet the qualification standard of 10,000 meters.

In 2017, Farahs won 10,000 meters of gold at the World Championships, but in the shorter distance he won silver in his neck. In the previous two world championships, he remained unbeaten in both disciplines.

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