to meet forces of Operation Barkane in Mali


5:10 am in the center of Mali. The gunners install the guns, the gestures are methodical. On the radio, the order of fire is given. 13 shells are fired in seconds. In the distance, a thud and a column of smoke. The target area is used by jihadists to launch rockets towards the French forces.

Menaka is home to one of the six base camps of the Barkane Force in Mali. To get there, you have to board a military plane. More than 300 kilometers to go from Gao. Captain Mickael is the leader of the Menaka camp. He is in charge of all the stewardship. "Throughout this area, soldiers maintain their tanks, their vehicles", says the captain to the journalist Julian Bugier and the cameras of France 2. 150 soldiers live daily in the Menaka camp.For four months, cut off from the world, they patrol and track the jihadists.

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