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To the pub, yes, to the stadium, right? Willow does not understand why the vaccinated cannot go to football

He’s staying at home. However, as soon as they go out, their magic wears off. They scored only 11 of the 36 points on the opponents’ pitches.

“I want to win every match. It is important that we are successful at home. We want to be more successful outside as well, which we are not doing as we would like so far, “says Pavel Vrb.

“Given the table with four teams in front, every loss will hurt. Above all, we will have to score more in outdoor matches than before. We are doing well at home, unfortunately we are losing points outside, which we are missing now. This is a mistake for me and it bothers me, “compares the former coach of the Czech national team.

If Sparta is bothered by outdoor matches, it may be an advantage for her that the stadiums will now be empty again.

“It simply came to my notice then that there would be no fans. It seems illogical to me that a vaccinated person can go to a shop, to a pub and cannot come to a sports match. Even if he proves he is vaccinated. I don’t understand that at all. These are strange things, “Vrba wonders, why a maximum of 1000 people can attend sports events.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, the government has ordered that a maximum of 1,000 people can attend the sports match from Friday. They must be vaccinated or vaccinated. From August, sports and cultural events could be filled to 100 percent capacity while proving infectivity.

Vaccines do everything they can to keep them healthy

“I am not a doctor and someone who should decide. But at least it seems strange to me. You can’t go anywhere and you can go to other events. But that’s not my concern. Anyway, I don’t take it as an advantage. I like it when the fans are on the field. I was also upset against Liberec that there were only a thousand spectators. There could have been many more, “the experienced coach mutters.

“I didn’t like the result in Slovácko and how we played. But the atmosphere was great. I am more in favor of the spectators, who do everything to be healthy, to be admitted to the match, “Vrba leads himself.

After the debacle in Slovakia and the defeat in Glasgow with the Rangers, he also contributed to the team’s success. He cut his hair. His team commemorated the 128th anniversary of the club’s founding against Slovan with special jerseys. And he won a tight win.

“After two unsuccessful matches, three points are important. The teams from the top of the table won and we want to be within range. I am glad that we managed to win, “Vrba acknowledges.


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