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“Today another 5 votes for Silvio, it went well”

“Today went well, I found 5 other new parliamentarians ready to vote for Berlusconi al Colle …”. Vittorio Sgarbi continues to scout quirinalizio on behalf of Cav and today, a few hours from the center-right summit at ‘Villa Grande’, confides to Adnkronos that he has found 15 ‘certain’ votes over the 450 ‘great voters of the coalition formed by Lega Fi and Fdi. Abacus in hand, the art critic, self-described as ‘Silvio’s butterfly catcher’, says: ” Personally, including 5 this morning, I collected 15 more parliamentarians and we started for more than a week ” with that which was renamed the squirrel operation. “This means that today I am more relieved than yesterday … ” Sgarbi says confidently.

However, ‘friendly fire’ remains lurking. ‘This risk is always there’ ‘, warns the leader of’ Rinascimento ‘,’ ‘I counted 12 parliamentarians who will never vote for Berlusconi, but it is not certain that in the end the’ friendly fire ‘will be converted. Today it will not be at the top of ‘Villa Grande’, but I will be there morally … “.

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