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Toilet paper is also becoming more expensive. Stock up, the Czech economist advises

“Wood prices have skyrocketed worldwide this year as a result of the pandemic. In addition, the global transport crisis is raging. Thus, there is also an increase in the price of wood pulp, which is used in the production of toilet paper and which is transported, for example, from Brazil. In addition, calamity bark wood is already largely harvested in the Czech Republic, so the price of wood and products and materials from it, including pulp, is also rising, “described Lukáš Kovanda from the National Economic Council of the government, adding that the pressure to increase toilet paper prices sharp current rise in prices of energy, fuels and transport and significant wage growth in the Czech Republic in recent years.

His words are also confirmed by representatives of ROLLPAP, which has been producing toilet paper and toilet paper products since 1995. It is one of the medium-sized manufacturers, producing about 300 tons of finished products per month and exporting half of its production to Western Europe. The company already had to raise prices. “The reason is the rapid rise in prices of inputs, raw materials, transport and electricity. Deteriorated availability also contributes to rising prices. Only the traffic fee has increased by at least 100% this year, “explained the Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexandr Křížek. According to him, it can be expected that the growth of prices will continue.

Demand is starting to grow

Demand for an important hygiene product is already starting to grow. “So far, we are seeing a slightly increased interest in toilet paper. We still have enough supplies, “Renata Maierl, a spokeswoman for Kaufland, told Deník. “The increase in toilet paper prices is announced, but we are still trying to ensure the best prices for our customers,” she added.

ROLLPAP is also experiencing increased demand, but its capacities are tied to sufficient raw materials. “Few people here know that all raw materials for the production of toilet paper and paper toilet hygiene are imported into the Czech Republic. There is no commercially important paper mill in the Czech Republic that would produce this raw material, and we are thus almost 100% dependent on imports, whether of raw materials or finished products, “Dvořák pointed out.

Kovanda estimates that toilet paper should rise in price by five to ten percent in the coming months, while other forecasts point to even higher growth. “The increase will be gradual, but it will take place this November and December and then next year,” said Kovanda. According to him, pre-supply of toilet paper is reasonable. The paper is relatively foldable and lasts a long time. “In the extreme case, there is a risk of a shortage of some types of toilet paper and its appreciable increase in price,” he said, noting that the probability that the tense market situation would result in a queue as under the previous regime is minimal. The president of the Trade and Tourism Association of the Czech Republic, Tomáš Prouza, will also calm the panic.

“I checked it at all the big stores, and everyone has enough toilet paper in the warehouses. The problem is sometimes with the delivery date, due to transport outages, the goods sometimes arrive a day or two later, but all traders increased stocks so that the delays did not affect supply. Paper manufacturers warn of a shortage of pulp, but this will affect the availability of all paper products, including printing, books or paper packaging.


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