Tom Cruise forbidden to see his daughter Suri?


Tom Cruise still has a relationship with his daughter Suri, which he had with actress Katie Holmes (from which he has been separated since 2012)? For years many rumors indicate that no. And the testimony of a former member of the Church of Scientology, to which the actor of Impossible mission is always very faithful, has come to reinforce the noise that runs.

Suri, who lives with her mother Katie Holmes and stepfather Jamie Foxx, would not have seen her famous father since the divorce.

According to Samantha Domingo, the woman who confided in the media people US Weekly, Tom Cruise would simply not be allowed to see or contact his daughter because she is not a Scientologist.

And it goes even further than that: according to her, Tom Cruise no longer sees Suri because he believes that she is not really his daughter "but just a spiritual being in the body of his daughter".

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The Church of Scientology reacted to these remarks and assured that the practices described by Samantha Domingo were completely "Fictional": "All these statements wrongly represent the Church of Scientology, its practices and the lifestyle of its practitioners".

Last year, the same rumors had circulated and a source close to the Cruise-Holmes family had also explained to US Weekly that "Scientology leaders advised him to stay away from his daughter because he is a suppressive person".

In Scientology, a person is described as suppressive when it has a corrupting influence and prevents an individual from flourishing in his religion.

Note that if Tom Cruise had not seen his daughter Suri for six years, he would still regularly see his two eldest, Isabella and Connor, respectively aged 26 and 24 years. They are Scientologists.

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