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Tomorrow, a lunar eclipse

JAMBI-INDEPENDENT.CO.ID, JAMBI – Natural phenomena will occur again. tomorrow (26/5) a total lunar eclipse or Super Blood Moon will be seen in Jambi Province. The public can see firsthand events that occur once in 192 years.

“Jambi can also see this phenomenon, where this is a total lunar eclipse,” said Ibnu Sulistyo, Head of the Jambi Province Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Monday (24/5).

Not only in Jambi, but this eclipse can be seen in all regions of Indonesia. This lunar eclipse occurs where the position of the earth, sun and moon are aligned. So that the position of the moon is closer to the earth.

“Later the moon will look big and red from the start of the eclipse to the end of the eclipse,” he added.

Later when the lunar eclipse occurs, the night will look bright, or commonly known as the full moon. However, this time it was no brighter when there was a full moon as usual. Until later there will be a total lunar eclipse.

Ibnu said, this lunar eclipse phase will be visible since the afternoon, which is from 15.46 WIB. Starting a shift in the eclipse, where the moon will cover the sunlight. Then, the partial eclipse will appear at 16.44 WIB.

“The total lunar eclipse this time will take a long time, so that people can enjoy or see this rare phenomenon,” he said.

Then, the total eclipse will occur at 18.09 WIB, and the peak of the eclipse will occur at 18.18 WIB. Then, the total eclipse will end at 18.28 WIB. “Actually, this is a long process, for the peak or total eclipse it’s quite short,” he said.

Then, the moon will leave the sun and moon, so the partial lunar eclipse will occur at 18.28 WIB and the lunar eclipse will end partially at 19.52 WIB and the total lunar eclipse will end at 21.51 WIB. (slt)


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