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Toyota does not want to focus only on electric cars, it will offer more drives

Over the next 30 years, Toyota will offer gasoline engines, hybrids, hydrogen electric cars and battery electric cars. Everyone will really choose.

While most carmakers are actively electrifying, with some even promising to end internal combustion engines in their offerings, Toyota bravely resists and refuses to focus solely on electromobility in the coming years. Although it will offer customers several purely electric models, in addition to them, they will also have a choice of many other power units.

There are several reasons why the carmaker does not want to fully engage in electrification. One might judge that the carmaker is boarding the electrification train relatively late, but Toyota officials give other reasons.

According to colleagues from Automotive News, who were present at the annual meeting of shareholders, one of the reasons why the carmaker avoids focusing only on electromobility may be concerns about carbon emissions for the “whole life cycle of electric cars”. Indeed, some studies suggest that the production process of electric cars and their batteries may be more harmful than the exhaust emissions of modern cars.

Another reason why Toyota doesn’t just want to take the path of electromobility is customers. “In the end, it depends mainly on what customers choose, “Said Masahiko Maeda – the technology chief of the carmaker. For example, in the USA alone, electric cars account for less than 2 percent of the car market, which is a relatively small space where automakers should compete for customer favor.

According to current assumptions, Toyota’s offer should include a combination of petrol combustion engines, hybrids, hydrogen electric cars and battery electric cars for the next 30 years – this will be one of the widest range of propulsion systems on the market, from which everyone should be able to choose.

Let us remind you, however, that Toyota’s reserve for purely electric mobility does not mean that the carmaker is completely out of line with electric cars. The production version of Toyota’s first modern electric SUV, named the bZ4x, is expected to be launched later this year and targeted at the beginning of next year.

However, the bZ4x electric SUV, which can be considered a purely electric Toyota RAV4, will only be the first in a series of purely electric Toyota models to earn their own specific Beyond Zero brand. By 2025, the carmaker could offer up to 15 purely electric models worldwide.

Toyota will have something to offer people who desire electromobility, but at the same time, unlike most competitors, they do not bet everything on one card. We definitely like a similar approach, but only time will tell how sensible or unreasonable the decision was.


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