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Toyota Makes Yaris Cross So More Manly for Adventure

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Toyota introduces a new variant of the Yaris Cross in the European market, which is named Adventure, otherwise known as Dynamic in the UK.

Reporting from Paultan, Yaris Cross this modified version gets an exterior appearance that looks more manly, with a different cabin appearance, as well as additional new features.

It is planned that this model will go on sale in September this year, with orders opened from the second quarter of 2021. However, regarding the price, Toyota has yet to reveal the official Yaris Cross Adventure official tag.

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PAULTAN.org Toyota Yaris Cross versi Adventure

From the exterior, the Yaris Cross Adventure is equipped with front and rear bumper protection plates, as well roof rail it is silver and the 18-inch rims are dark gray. The front and rear lights are also given smoke accents, making it seem more haunted.

Meanwhile, the interior gets piano black trim and headliner black. These changes are combined with the combination leather upholstery fabric.

Another important change, there is a horizontal gold line that contrasts with the black dashboard. Meanwhile, the steering wheel and gear lever are also wrapped in leather.

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Interior Toyota Yaris Cross versi AdventurePAULTAN.org Interior Toyota Yaris Cross versi Adventure

This model is also equipped with an automatic rear door with a kick sensor, a Head-Up display, and the option of various two-color paint combinations.

Speaking of engines, Yaris Cross Adventure still carries the same runway kitchen as the previous model.

Under the hood of the engine, there is a 1,500 cc engine mated to a small electric motor. The combination of the two produces power of 116 ps or the equivalent of 114 tk, with CO2 gas emissions of 110 grams per km.


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