Tray 2019: all missing copies have been reported


There are no more copies of the bac retained by professors. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education on Monday in the early evening, those that were still missing were reported by the strikers teachers in the various test centers.

"The missing grades, for the first group of tests, candidates who passed the baccalaureate, could be entered. Almost all the juries were able to be held, some deliberations ending Monday evening. At the end of these last deliberations, no more candidate will hold a provisional note ", details the ministry.

Candidates informed of their fate by Tuesday 10 am

Those whose situation changes (temporarily postponed and finally admitted to pass the second group of events or provisionally admitted to pass the second group of events and finally received at the end of the first group of tests), will be informed before 10 hours Tuesday.


To force the government to reopen negotiations on the reforms of the high school and the baccalaureate they denounce, professors refused to seize the notes of the candidates but also, for some, to return the copies.

Bac 2019: strikers in front of a high school in Saint-Ouen


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