Trump, campaigning, galvanizes his base


He booed Democrats who, he said, "hate" America, in front of a tide of red caps "Make America Great Again" in North Carolina.

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Donald Trump at the meeting in Greenville, North Carolina, Wednesday, July 17.
Donald Trump at the meeting in Greenville, North Carolina, Wednesday, July 17. JONATHAN DRAKE / REUTERS

Back on campaign stages, Donald Trump on Wednesday (July 17th) continued his attacks on Democrats "Hate" America, the day after the denunciation by the Congress of its "racist" tweets.

"These ideologues of the left (…) want to destroy our Constitution, to suppress the values ​​on which our magnificent country was built"he said from Greenville, North Carolina. "Tonight we renew our determination not to see America become a socialist country", he added.

In front of a tide of red caps "Make America Great Again", Donald Trump attacked the four elected minority, whom he had advised in a Tweet to "return" each in their country of origin, for twenty minutes – on the ninety that lasted his speech.

"Return it! Return it! "


"Return it! Return it! " chanted the crowd when Trump spoke about Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, who created the controversy with comments about Israel deemed antisemitic by many elected officials.

Very aggressive towards the four women he now calls "Wicked young socialist women"Mr. Trump was particularly ironic in referring to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, young representative of New York. "I do not have time to pronounce three names, we'll call it Cortez …", launched the president of the United States. The very media "AOC", the youngest member of the House of Representatives, sparked a controversy in mid-June by comparing immigration detention camps erected on the southern border of the United States to "concentration camps".

Zach Gibson / AFP

If he galvanizes his electoral base, the Republican billionaire makes a risky bet by fueling racial and ideological tensions and deepening the division of America. In doing so, he clearly renounces himself as a rallying force and more than ever on the mobilization of the white electorate.

For the four elected Democrats, interviewed together on CBS, all this is primarily a political maneuver on the part of the American president. "It's a way of diversion (…) not to talk about issues that really concern the Americans"said Ayanna Pressley.

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"Ridiculous project" of dismissal

Zach Gibson / AFP

On Tuesday evening, the House of Representatives passed a motion condemning "racist" remarks by the US president. If the vote had a strong symbolic significance, Mr. Trump knows he can count on the support of the Republican Congressmen. Only four elected members of the "Grand Old Party" in the House of Representatives voted for the text of the Democratic majority.

The 73-year-old Republican billionaire, who will be aiming for a second four-year term in November 2020, was also pleased at his meeting on Wednesday night for the failure in Congress earlier this day of a motion calling on launching an impeachment procedure against him.

This motion was rejected in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, illustrating the division within the opposition on this issue. The tenant of the White House hailed the failure of this resolution, "The most ridiculous project ever".

Looking back on his 2016 win, "One of the most extraordinary nights in the history of television", Mr. Trump launched: "We have to do it again", facing an enthusiastic crowd who responded by chanting "Four more years".

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