TV Tip: Crime Scene: The Palatinate from above


The man is lost – in the bitter anniversary of the longest-serving "Tatort" commissioner Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts), this is already clear in the first scene.

With strähnigem hair and a plastic bag full of canned beer strikes policeman Stefan Tries (Ben Becker) through the rain, somewhere in the Palatine province. It is the beginning of a drama about disappointed love, corruption and loneliness. In the end, they all face the ruins of their dreams.

"The Palatinate from above" is the name of the "crime scene" that the First aired on Sunday (17.11.) At 8.15 pm. Director Brigitte Bertele stages the thriller on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the "Lena Odenthal" format as an uncompromising account of life lies. It is also the eagerly awaited sequel to a play in television history. The first part «Death in the shredder» triggered protests in 1991: Many Palatine saw themselves in the representation of villagers who made chase on a Romanian late repatriate defamed.

So now Part 2. After 28 years, half an eternity, it's a thrilling reunion. Folkerts and Becker were at the beginning of their careers in the scandal-ridden «death in the shredder». Today they are established professionals. "Of course I watched the movie from 28 years ago, we are young, beautiful – and very sweet. We were so badly crushed back then, "said Folkerts on the sidelines of the shoot.

In her 70th case, the Commissioner in the fictional village of Zarten investigates the death of a young colleague. There she meets a once very familiar: the policeman Tries (Becker). The energetic law enforcement officer has become an aged provincial sheriff. It's a pretty sad encounter, on a wet hill over Tender. Tries has become extortionable through small gifts, looks away for years with crimes, crushes painkillers with the beer bottle and then pulls the powder through his nose like cocaine.

Becker plays Tries as an internally and externally wounded man. "I have a guest room" is an awkward attempt at rapprochement with the former Swarm Odenthal. The scene in which Folkerts and Becker dance to the Bob Dylan ballad "Lay Lady Lay" in 1991 is one of the film's strongest moments. Like drowning people, the two lonely cling to each other. But the resurrected love keeps only one record long side. Time does not stop, not even in the "Tatort" from the Palatinate.

"Playing with Ben Becker again was a gift for me, it just works, the chemistry is right there, it sparkles and sparkles," enthuses Folkerts. Becker also says: "I was happy to pick up the thread again. We both cried a bit. "

The story of Stefan Dähnert, who wrote the script in 1991, is not always conclusive. But the story is not the most important thing this time. The characters wear this film, next to the congenial duo Folkerts / Becker are Jana McKinnon as a young widow and Maria Dragus and Thomas Loibl as police officers. Lisa Bitter as Folkerts' colleague Johanna Stern acts as usual routinely. Cameraman Jürgen Carle paints strong landscapes almost like in the Wild West. Wind turbines look like a Texas ranch and farms like a ranch. "I shoot from the hip like John Wayne," says "Sheriff" Becker once.

30 years Lena Odenthal: "Who does not use the seniority, but the appearance of Ulrike Folkerts, meets a young temperament," says SWR editorial director Ulrich Herrmann in the press release to the film. And what does the 58-year-old herself mean? Will the pension for the senior "Tatort" commissioner be closer after 30 years?

"I think I'll think twice about stopping, and I'll have a very special exit" crime scene, "said Folkerts at the SWR Annual Press Conference in February. "As long as I can run and shoot, I will gladly continue to play this Lena Odenthal."


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