TV tip: The Bundschuh family – we graduate from high school


"Actually, I prefer to use poison in my murder fantasies because I'm not the type who can see blood well," says Gundula Bundschuh.

The voice comes from off. Meanwhile, she takes a few steps across the floor, grabs a sword with a scathingly long blade, turns and walks towards the husband, mother-in-law and brother. "But there are other days too."

Rather coincidentally and out of necessity, she took responsibility for her daughter Ricarda's theater course, read a little, and is now trying to set up her own project. But half her family thinks that they have to contribute with their own talents. There is husband Gerald, who thinks he is a musical genius, whose mother Susanne tailors the costumes, and brother Hadi, who as a writer wants to translate Shakespeare's material "Romeo and Juliet" into modern German for young people. That will not go well.

The young actors are tired of throwing down. Gundula Bundschuh takes up the sword and marches towards the relatives. The ZDF shows “Bundschuh Family – We are doing Abitur” on Monday evening (8:15 pm) as “TV Movie of the Week”.

It is the fourth part of the family saga by actress Andrea Sawatzki that plays Gundula and also writes the “Bundschuh” novels. The current part "Others do this professionally", to which the film is based, was published in October. And well into the New Year, the 56-year-old is on a reading tour across the Republic.

The Mainz-based broadcaster has been showing the film adaptations since 2015. A Christmas party went wrong, then a holiday escalated and finally a wedding got out of hand. Millions of viewers always turn on. And each part can also stand for itself.

The 90 minutes are mainly carried by the actors, who fill their exaggerated characters with life: Axel Milberg gives the spouse, whom Gundula would like to make from a "panda" to a "Tarzan". Judy Winter plays Susanne Bundschuh, who maintains a bird-free life but depends on alcohol. The role of Gundula's mother is taken over by Thekla Carola Wied, who is afraid of dementia and at the same time too proud to admit it.

The fourth part is also quite turbulent. In addition to the Abi strand, several stories are interwoven. So Gundula's sister-in-law is expecting her first child, but it is unclear whether her husband is also the father and what skin color it will have. For the birth and medical advice in advance, the two move specifically from Memmingen to Berlin with a mobile home. Gundula's mother, on the other hand, buys into the neighboring house and visits Gundula's therapist. The already stricken marriage to Gerald reaches its limits.

But the dear relatives see it as their duty to help with the rescue. "I think you're more part of the problem than part of the solution," Gerald replies dryly. In general, there are always short dialogues that have a lot to offer. Be it Gundula's reaction when the daughter announced that she wanted to emigrate to South America: «But Ricky! Wouldn't it be nicer to go to school instead of spending 30 years in a Colombian women's prison? "Or the pubescent girl's answer when her mother came home and asked what it smelled like:" What good ?! Despair and eternal virginity. »


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