TVE begins to organize its electoral debate for 10-N in full consultation round of the King


"Convinced" that they will accept the "offer"

Rosa Mara Mateo has sent the political leaders a letter asking them to choose the public entity for the debates prior to the 10-N elections

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Rosa Mara Mateo, in an appearance at the Congress

"The corporation that I have the honor of presiding has great interest in organizing different electoral debates in which we hope to have the presence of its political formation." This is what the letter says that Rosa Mara Mateo, the only provisional administrator of RTVE, has sent to the political leaders of the main parties, asking them to accept a televised debate in the public body if there are finally elections.

In the letter, to which THE WORLD has agreed, Mateo is "convinced" that the main formations will accept his "offer", since they all share the "vision of citizen service" of the public entity. The letter is dated September 16, this Monday, in which the King had already begun his round of consultations with the leaders of the parliamentary groups, to verify the possibilities of an investiture or, on the contrary, precipitate new general elections.

"In the absence of the uncertainty about the future of this incipient legislature, and at the expense of the round of consultations" convened by the King, Rosa Mara Mateo transmits to the political leaders that RTVE "is prepared to put all its energy and effort to provide, as usual, a neutral, plural and rigorous journalistic coverage of the electoral campaign, "if it ends up being celebrated.

Excerpt from the TVE letter

Remember that TVE has already tendered a new set in case there were elections. ThePublic Sector Contracting PlatformHe has published the contract specifications, which is put out to tender through the simplified open procedure with a base budget of 40,000 euros. According to the direction of the public entity, these movements are made "only by anticipation" and not because the elections are already discounted.

"Proposal for debates"

"In the event that the next appointment with the polls is confirmed, the news of RTVE will send to all the political forces a proposal of debates between candidates, respectful of the Electoral Law and always subject to the supervision of theCentral Electoral Board"observes Mateo.

The sole administrator of the public entity tries to justify why it is best for the debates to be held on RTVE: "In accordance with the law of radio and state-owned television, RTVE must exercise its public service function, promoting pluralism, participation and other constitutional values, and guaranteeing the access of significant social and political groups. "

Excerpt from the letter of the Television Academy

Why this defensepreventiveof the suitability of TVE to host the debates? Very simple: because of the competition that already exists, even before some hypothetical elections are called. To start, theTelevisin Academy of Sciences and ArtsI sent a letter similar to political leaders four days before RTVE, which this newspaper has also accessed.

In that letter they are asked to value that the Academy "can once again be the meeting place of all (parties and communication operators) to offer citizens the debate or debates that they consensually deem appropriate." It happens that the president of the Academy,Mara Married, who signs the letter, is also a TVE worker.

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