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Twitter Can Now Restrict “Reply” After Tweets Are Uploaded

KOMPAS.com – Last year, Twitter released a new feature that gives its users control over how to manage their posts. This feature will provide an option for users to limit who can answer (reply) the tweet that was just uploaded.

Twitter recently updated the feature. Now users can also set limits reply after the tweet was uploaded. Previously, users could only set restrictions before posting.

The available options are still the same. Users can specify whether tweets are allowedreply by everyone, people followed (following), and the person called (mention) only.

Installed options default is “everyone” can reply to a tweet. If this option is not selected, then other users who are notmention or followed by the tweeter uploader will find a button reply faintly colored.

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When the button reply When tapped, information will appear on who can reply to the tweet. However, other users will still be able to see the tweet if the account is not locked (private).

Those who can’t write in the column reply, can still respond to tweets byretweet with comments (quote tweet). Other users can stillretweet and like (like) the tweet.

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“This update can be a boon for people who might post something that can attract unexpected and unwanted attention and response,” Twitter said, summarized. KompasTekno from Mashable, Thursday (15/7/2021).

Kompas.com/Wahyunanda Kusuma Twitter updated a feature to limit replies.

How to use restrictions reply on Twitter tweets that have been uploaded turned out to be quite easy. Please follow the steps below.

  • Find a tweet that has already been uploaded and you want to restrict it.
  • Then, click the menu icon (three vertical dots at the far right of the tweet).
  • Select “change who can reply” or “change who can reply”.
  • Choose who can reply to which tweet everyone (every one), people you follow (followed account), or only people you mentioned (the so-called person).

Twitter claims that limiting replies can help people feel more secure by limiting the possibility of unexpected answers.

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They are also expected to create more meaningful conversations and let other users read different perspectives.

Restriction feature reply after the tweet is uploaded it is available on the Twitter app at platform Android and IOS. From monitoring KompasTekno, Twitter version web also got this feature.


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