Twitter flees the Data Protection Regulation


How well the data of a Twitter user are protected, depends in the future, in which country he logs.

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Dusseldorf For users of Twitter worldwide, different privacy laws will apply in the future. In response to the European Data Protection Regulation, the Group is transferring responsibility for user accounts outside the EU from its headquarters in Ireland to a separate US organization. This Twitter has "greater freedom to test functions and settings," it says in a statement.

As a result, Twitter will no longer have to protect the data of users outside the European Union under the same strict conditions. "This shows how data protection laws influence strategic decisions in business enterprises," says Tobias Gostomzyk, who researches Internet and data protection law at the TU Dortmund.

European legal standards are considered very important in shaping competition and protecting Internet users worldwide. The globally active tech companies deal differently with it. Google and Microsoft follow the European standards about the same for different products.

"The Twitter case shows how critical data processing is to Twitter's business success," says Gostomzyk. Internet companies have long denied that rooms can be separated on the Internet: "Now shows that also succeeds under data protection law, if the corporations want," says Gostomzyk.

For Twitter users in the US and other non-European countries, a new Californian data protection law will apply from January 2020, which is based on the European Data Protection Regulation, but according to experts, is not that strict.

"There is now a privacy debate in the United States," says Internet lawyer Gostomzyk. Also there is increasingly a need for regulation on the subject. Among other things, the location in Ireland requires Twitter for users in the EU to refer to fundamental rights positions in legal disputes with users and authorities in EU countries.

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