Unexpected calls, loss of Wi-Fi and traffic jams – that's how drivers get stressed behind the wheel


Having to interrupt our plans drives us crazy, according to a study by General Tire. So what
six out of ten people
, who admit that they are very stressed when they are interrupted, especially when they are on a trip that they really wanted to do. Respondents have also described unexpected calls as the most frustrating interruption, followed by the loss of Wi-Fi connection, traffic jams and a flat tire.

To anticipate the needs of the users and to support them, the General Tire researchers have analyzed the causes of the delays and what interruptions cause the most frustration. Matthias Bartz, director of research at General Tire, explains that “the study confirms the stress created by the interruptions. This influences the mood and our concentration while driving, although proper planning and equipment can make a big difference, ”and adds:“ We anticipate the problems and use the technology available to our vehicles to solve them, which drives new technologies such as the creation of visual alerts to inform the driver when the tires need to be changed ».

While we are irritated by the interruptions, half of the respondents say they are guilty of doing the same to others. The study of 1,000 people revealed that one in five respondents intentionally woke people up just because they wanted something. Such is the determination not to be disturbed that one in five millennials claims to use headphones without playing music just to avoid being disturbed.

Other tricks to avoid travel delays is to have cash on hand to pay for parking, bring enough gas or put the silent mode on your mobile to avoid inappropriate calls and messages. Matthias Bartz points out that "people find ingenious ways to prevent their plans from being truncated and our experts do precisely the same so that drivers can make their trip smoothly."

“We recognize the importance of people avoiding stops in the event of tire problems, especially in the summer months, when data shows that tire problems are increasing. That is why General Tire has a technology that not only alerts you when you have to change the tires, but also notifies you when irregular wear occurs, ”he adds.

According to this study by General Tire, these are the 11 most frustrating interruptions when you drive:

1. Unexpected phone calls.

2. Loss of Wi-Fi connection.

3. Traffic jams.

4. Punctured tires.

5. People who slip into traffic jams.

6. Loud music.

7. People who press on traffic jams.

8. People who ask in the street.

9. Run out of battery in your mobile phone.

10. Unexpected rain.

11. Run out of fuel. .


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