Urban planning will create a computer application to expedite the licensing procedures


The change of ownership of an activity is a repetitive process that generates more than 2,500 files per year and there are already 22,000 paralyzed in the Urban Development Area
due to lack of personnel and resources. In order to unblock the bottleneck of the bureaucracy, the City Council of the capital will launch a computer tool so that it can be done "online", both through mobile and computer.

This measure is intended to facilitate the management of SMEs and freelancers. It is a simple procedure but it is essential for the new owner to do many other operations necessary for your business.

On October 16, the pilot tests of this new tool will begin, in order to evaluate its operation and improve what is necessary. The goal is that the end of the year is already operational for all citizens.

The Urban Development Delegate,
Mariano Fuentes
(Citizens), said yesterday in the branch committee that this system "will allow SMEs and freelancers to be more agile in their decision making, requests for terraces, loan applications and viability of their business with timely legal security."

"In the second half of next year the city of Madrid will see the light at the end of the tunnel," predicted Fuentes, who believes that if better coordination is achieved between the Agency of Activities and the district boards, "Madrid will not be who I stopped her". . (tagsToTranslate) online (t) processes (t) licenses


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