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US warship crosses Taiwan Strait – Abroad – News

This is the first such trip since the video summit of US and Chinese leaders.

The Arleigh Burke class destroyer passed through the Taiwan Strait in routine transit, the Seventh U.S. Navy said.

“This voyage demonstrates US support for a free and open India-Pacific region,” the fleet said.

The ship passed through the Taiwan Strait after a video conference between the Presidents of the United States and China Joe Biden and Xin Jinping, during which the issue of Taiwan was also discussed.

Chinese state media after the summit reported that Xi had warned Baiden that encouraging Taiwan’s independence would be a game of fire.

U.S. warships periodically maneuver through the Taiwan Strait, often provoking a negative reaction from Beijing. This year, US ships have crossed the strait 11 times.

Taiwan and mainland China have been governed separately since the island’s nationalist government, defeated in the Civil War in 1949, and the communist-occupied People’s Republic of China, which considers Taiwan to be part of its territory.

The United States and many other countries consider the Taiwan Strait to be all open international waters.

British, Canadian, French and Australian warships have crossed the Taiwan Strait in recent years, sparking Chinese protests.


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