Using your phone while driving may soon cost you your license


In Bordeaux, a young woman phones at the wheel. – SERGE POUZET / SIPA

If drivers who use their mobile phone while driving currently incur a fine of 135 euros and withdrawing three points, the penalty could soon be hardened with the outright withdrawal of the driving license, said Emmanuel Barbe, the interministerial delegate to road safety,
this Monday at the microphone of Europe 1.

Faced with the proliferation of risky driving behavior, the government is hardening its tone. An article of the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM), which provides for the temporary suspension of driving licenses in the event of a crime committed at the same time
that the use of his mobile phone, could be adopted in the coming weeks.

"The idea is really to break the feet of recalcitrants"

The goal for the government? Sanctioning those who are not scared by the contravention: "The idea is really to break the feet of the recalcitrant," said Emmanuel Barbe. "If you are at the same time on the phone and have slipped a stop, bitten a white line, speeding or have not respected the rights of a pedestrian, you risk the immediate suspension of driving license by the police, "he explains.

And the figures are formal: according to the national interministerial road safety observatory (ONISR), the use of mobile phone by car increases the risk of accidents by three. Data that does not seem alert to motorists since they are 70% to use their smartphone while driving, according to a study by the association Axa Prevention.


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