Utah is standing out Zack Moss wants to do more damage to MSU


After four years to become a pioneer of punishment in Utah's exciting attack, there is no stranger by Zack Moss pain to defend PAC-12 defenses. And when it comes to USU, which first suffered loss of the season last Saturday, Moss expressed it this week that it smells blood in the water.

“It's a little clay for those guys,” Moss said that Brigham Young would lose it. “We're going on and adding to that.”

If the USC has any chance of stopping Friday's refusal. 10 Utah, it begins to slow down Moss – a high task that no team could do this season than last. During his 15 games, Moss was never held four yards once and was only held once – the only team could not reach the second last season.

“The man is incredible,” said Clay Helton, a USC coach. “It's to play on Sunday.” T

But as the Trojans prepare to face the best run on their schedule, their defense is at an early turning point. In each of her first three games, the USC was able to enter the background, but was usually unable to complete it.

It is a difficult issue to deal with defense based on being aggressive. But this lack of control could suspect the USC against going backwards as a Moss, which is far more capable of exploiting the suspicious Troy than the current three main areas facing them.

“It's a great runner, a big man said downhill,” said Palaie Gaoteote, a sophomore former registrar. “He can run quite anywhere, outside, inside, between the supports. He can do everything. This week, we have a strong focus on tackling it. ”

Perhaps no player is more indicative of these issues than Gaoteote, which he is interfering at times of this season resigning from his aggressive. Prior to the USC visit to BYU, defense co-ordinator Clancy Pendergast noted that Gaoteote was used to “cut it more” than was permitted as a weaver line weaver this season.

“That's just the kind of person he has,” Pendergast said. “It's very quick, attractive to give and diagnose a key. He lost some progress in the space I would like to do. ”

On Saturday, Gaoteote had the best performance of the season, ending with nine of the season's fighting. But later, the rest of the USU's defense was struggling to maintain control, as BYU escaped regularly to tackle the background.

Back-line MSU Palaie Gaoteote.

MSU Palaie Gaoteote visionary will want to bounce back against Utah after stuggling at times against BYU.

(Getty Images)

“It's a fundamental issue,” said the end of Christian Rector's defense. “We have to work on that, tackle space, tackle a gang, try to make the ball – it's all important.” T

It may also be helpful to return a Rectory to the defensive line. The senior captain lost the defeat of Saturday with an ankle injury and “severely lost it,” according to Pendergast.

But the Rector said, his ankle is “more or less” 100%, that he is expected to play Friday night, regardless.

However, Add-ons cannot solve all of the USC problem. John Houston, an inside back lighter, said that some defense players had questions last week “without knowing their keys or identifying formation.” Freshman's defense end added that USC's aggressive approach was “kind of work by work with us, somehow ”.

It is still clear whether the Trojans can resolve these issues for a short week. But with an emerging moss and a brutal waiting schedule later, the next games ahead may be painful, unless they are able to find a way.


Cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart (unspecified) and back nickel Greg Johnson (concussion) were practicing Tuesday. Out Amon-ra made St. Brown also practiced out, but he has not diagnosed injury.


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