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“Valmiera” footballers will take an exam in “Daugavpils”, “Spartaks” will compete with “Mettu”

Today, two games of the 23rd round of the Optibet Latvian Football Super League will take place in Daugavpils and Jūrmala.

First, at 3 pm, the overall leader of the overall rating “Valmiera” will visit “Daugavpils”, the match will take place in “Celtnieks” stadium. The match will be broadcast live on the channel “Sportacentrs.com TV”.

The victory will allow the people of Valmiera to strengthen for the second time for a while, but the success of the people of Daugavpils will give them the opportunity to rise to the fifth place, provided that Jūrmala’s “Spartaks” suffer a loss on Sunday. The Valmiera team in the Super League currently has unstable results, but in the previous fight they managed to take away the points of the overall leader RFS (1: 1). The Daugavpils unit, on the other hand, suffered three losses in a row, but the last victory was won more than two months ago.

The best goal scorer of the Vidzeme team with ten accurate shots is Ibrahim Sovs, Raimonds Krollis has stood out eight times, and Jibrils Gay six times. For opponents with four goals scored, Delhi is the most productive.

The first mutual game of the season in Valmiera ended with a draw 2: 2, which was pulled by Sovs during the compensation. After that, in Daugavpils, the people of Valmiera played back from wanting to drive and won with 2: 1, but at the beginning of June, the men led by Tamaza Pertia were superior with 4: 0.

An hour later, Spartaks will measure their strength with the Metta unit at Sloka Stadium. The duel will be shown on the portal “Sportacentrs.com” and on the television channel from the second half.

After three series of losses, Jūrmalnieki have achieved two successes in the next three fights, beating “Daugavpils” 3: 0 in the previous duel. “Metta” is in a series of five losses, in which the superiority of “Liepāja” was recognized with 0: 3 in the last game.

19-year-old Cameroon striker Leonel Vamba, who has scored ten goals this season, and Emek Fraide, who is currently playing in Sweden’s second league, have shone in the ranks of “Spartaka” this summer. Lukas Vapne has scored for the Metta team with six goals.

In the first and third rounds, “Spartaks” won with 1: 0 and 3: 0, but in the second with “2” 0, “Metta” footballers were superior. In the last meeting, the ball was scored twice at the goal of the Rigans in Vamba.

RFS takes first place in the top league with 53 points in 21 duel. 48 points in 22 games are for “Valmiera”, 44 points in 21 and 24 games are for “Riga” and “Liepaja” units. “Spartaks” follows with 30 points in 23 games, but “Daugavpils” has 28 points in 22 battles. 18 points in 23 matches are “Metta”, but Daugavpils “Noah Jurmala” with three points in 28 matches is in the last place.


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