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Van Der Vaart: “Messi should be ashamed of his performances”

Manchester City Fifth Round of Champions League 2:1 beat PSG, and the star of the latter Lionel Messi has received much criticism for its performance.

L’Equipe rated L.Messi’s game in this match with just 4 out of 10. The former footballer Rafael Van Der Vaart, now working as an expert, assured L. Messi should be ashamed of such performances.

“During the match, Messi sometimes goes for a walk. Then I think, isn’t he ashamed? Messi’s approach to the match is already starting to make me mad. There will never be a player like him again, so I would like Messi to put in more effort. These problems began when Coeman became Barcelona’s coach. Even then, Messi demonstrated that he did not want to work hard, “Van Der Vaart told Ziggo Sports.

Holland assured that Neymaras and Kylianas Mbappe can help the team in other ways, and L.Messi, without doing anything in the attack, is useless to the team: “It all consists of motivation. Either you want to play or not. If Messi does not score a goal or does not make a successful pass, then he is playing a bad match. Neymar with Mbappe a slightly different style of players. “I have the impression that Messi is not quite fit in Paris.”

34-year-old L.Messi has scored 4 goals and made 2 assists in 10 matches this season.

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