Vigo puts the face of Abel Caballero in an advertisement for the Madrid subway to promote the "top of the planet" Christmas


The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, promised that his Christmas lights would beat those of Madrid and would be seen in New York. It was said in person to José Luis Martínez Almeida himself in person. And now, to try to win as many visitors as possible, the Galician City Council has placed ads in different parts of the Spanish and Portuguese geography, up to twelve locations, and among them, the Madrid metro.

«In Vigo we want to receive you at Christmas. Lights and Christmas in Vigo, the "top of the planet." We wait for you! ”, Affirms the announcement already placed in the suburban of the capital, with the face of the olive grove, which has been located at the Méndez Álvaro metro stop, next to the South Bus Station in Madrid.

Metro of Madrid.

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November 18, 2019 This announcement joins the statements of the mayor, a few days ago, in which he came to affirm during the presentation of Frozen 2 in the city that Vigo's Christmas “moves more people than the Camino de Santiago”. The lights will be inaugurated already this Saturday, with novelties such as a ferris wheel or artificial snow at different points.

The new dinosaur
The opposition has been harshly charged against the new idea of ​​the mayor, who governs the Consistory with an easy majority, picks up Ep. The municipal group of the PP has described as "inadmissible" that "an institutional campaign of the City Council is used to campaign for personal promotion" of the mayor. "He is grotesque (…), touches histrionics and begins to remind us of Gil and Gil," said the popular spokesman, Alfonso Marnotes.

On the other hand, the spokesman of Marea de Vigo, Rubén Pérez, has lamented that, instead of taking advantage of a support such as the South Station of Madrid to "sell the city", the Vigués government "puts the 'boss' of the mayor" and «It seems that the mayor invites to Christmas, when those who invite are the vigueses, who pay with their taxes the two million euros it costs».

According to Pérez, "this is part of the delusional policy" of Abel Caballero, who behaves "as if the city were his, a satrapía that he controls." "One more chapter of this caspian Christmas," he added.

Finally, the BNG councilor, Xabier Pérez Igrexas, has been the most original affirming that «Barcelona had Cobi, Seville to Curro and now Vigo has Abel Caballero, who is on his way to replacing the" dinosaur "as a mascot of the city» . «What would the PSOE of Vigo say if the Xunta made a campaign to promote Galicia with the face of Núñez Feijóo?», The nationalist mayor questioned. . (tagsToTranslate) gentleman (t) vigo (t) madrid


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