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Was offered Rp. 3 billion, Inspector General Bonaparte asked for Rp. 7 billion to delete Djoko Tjandra’s Red Notice

Merdeka.com – The Bareskrim Polri legal team answered the argument of the petition submitted by Napoleon Bonaparte in the pretrial proceeding trial that took place at the District Court Jakarta South, Tuesday (29/9).

At this trial, the Bareskrim Polri legal team said that Napoleon, who at that time served as the Head of Police Hubinter Division, had agreed to an agreement worth IDR 7 billion to remove Djoko Tjandra’s red notice on April 13, 2020.

They continued that the agreement occurred between Napoleon Bonaparte and Tommy Sumardi, who was also a suspect of gratification in the removal of red notice Djoko Tjandra. This fact is known over Police do research.

It should be noted that in the agreement, the initial value of the money offered was Rp 3 billion. However, this figure was canceled so the agreement met at Rp. 7 billion.

“The fact of the Petitioner’s actions is that after a meeting of an agreement about the amount that was originally Rp. 3 billion, which was finally agreed upon to be Rp. 7 billion,” answered the legal team of the Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

They continued, the Rp7 billion worth of money was given in US Dollar and Singapore Dollar denominations gradually. Furthermore, the Bareskrim Polri camp stated that it had adjusted a number of quality evidence such as witness testimony, as well as other documentary evidence.

“CCTV evidence clearly saw that the money was handed over to the applicant. The handover of the money has implications for making decisions that are more favorable to the bribe giver,” said the Bareskrim Polri legal team in a pretrial hearing at the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (29/9).

Thus, the Bareskrim Polri legal team asked the judge to reject all the arguments put forward by Napoleon as the petitioner. Not only that, the defendant also did not answer one by one the petitions read out at the previous trial.

“That the respondent firmly rejects all the arguments for the pre-trial petition submitted by the petitioner, except for those that have been expressly acknowledged by the respondent,” they replied.

Call No Evidence of Bribery

At the previous hearing which was held on Monday (28/9), the Napoleon Bonaparte camp read out a petition letter before the panel of judges. They considered that Bareskrim Polri as the defendant did not have proof of receiving a bribe against his client.

“The Petitioner also believes that until now investigators do not have evidence of bribery as is suspected in the criminal articles listed in the investigation warrant,” said Napoleon’s attorney, Putri Maya Rumanti, reading out the petition.

Putri added that a lawsuit was also filed so that the status of the suspect who abused his client could be tested in a pretrial hearing. Tal was only that, he said that Napoleon did not accept bribes or money from a number of parties in the case.

“The Petitioners have never received bribes or promises of any kind related to red notice on behalf of Djoko S Tjandra,” he continued.

Putri continued, before entering the investigation stage, the Police as the defendant was said to not have sufficient evidence to charge the suspect as stipulated in Article 184 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The pretrial lawsuit was filed by Napoleon on September 2, 2020. The South Jakarta District Court had previously scheduled an inaugural hearing on Monday (21/7/2020).

In the case of alleged gratification related to the removal of red notice Djoko Tjandra, so far the investigators from the Directorate of Criminal and Criminal Investigation have named four suspects. The four suspects, namely, former Head of Police Hubinter Head of Police Inspector General of Police, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kakorwas PPNS Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Pol Prasetijo Utomo, Djoko Tjandra and Tommy Sumardi.

Investigators have named Djoko Tjandra and Tommy as suspects who gave gratuities or bribes. Meanwhile, Napoleon and Prastijo were named as suspects who received bribes.

In the disclosure of the case, the investigators had confiscated a number of evidences. Some of the pieces of evidence that were confiscated were USD 20 thousand, documents, cellphones, laptops and CCTV.

Meanwhile, the investigators themselves plan to hand over the case files to the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office in the near future.

After previously the Attorney General’s Office returned the case file to investigators because it was deemed incomplete or P19.



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