"We are the revolution", celebrate the Eurobasket champions


A success that does not end. That is the image transmitted by the women's basketball team on Monday when they arrived at the Madrid airport after proclaiming themselves European champions again, this time in Belgrade. Insatiable but human, the players captained by the already historic Laia Palau have celebrated their seventh consecutive medal in international appointments between World Cups, Eurobaskets and Olympic Games. "We are the revolution! ", repeated the players of the best team in Europe excited in front of the crowd of fans that has received them in the terminal to celebrate with them their thirteenth victory.

The Spanish authorities have welcomed the team of Marta Xargay, Laura Nicholls and Laura Gil among others with all the honors. At the gates of Palace of the Moncloa, the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and Vice President Carmen Calvo congratulated a team that can boast of following the best of the world, the United States.

Laia Palau, the captain who rubs sports immortality with 12 medals to her name, has celebrated this group victory in front of the media and has recognized the merits of Lucas Mondelo's team. "They are changing some things because today We have been featured in almost all newspapers of Spain, "she said, and Palau, along with her colleagues, is enjoying this golden moment of Spanish and world female sports." We are very proud. "

The most viewed

Two million people They were witnesses on Sunday of the ascent to the top of the Spanish basketball team, according to TVE audience data. The President of the Government wanted to emphasize that the final between France and Spain of the Eurobasket was the "most watched game in history of women's basketball ", with all that this fact represents.

"It is a pride for the whole of Spanish society to be able to reward work well done, effort, sacrifice and fellowship of the players ", Pedro Sánchez acknowledged, the gold of the European competition puts the icing on a historic XXI century for the Spanish National Team: 13 medals in 20 summers, three of them as numbers one.

"Individual prize, group merit", celebrated Astou Ndour in his Instagram account after receiving recognition as MVP of the championship. Marta Xargay She was also recognized as the best player in the final against France. Both players shared the satisfaction of integrating the five ideal of the Eurobasket.

An MVP born in Dakar

Astou Ndour she cried to tears alive when they crowned her on Sunday as best player of the championship. The Senegalese, with a Spanish passport, is the youngest of the team with 24 years old but her story keeps many lives. Ndour arrived from Dakar (Senegal) to Gran Canaria with 10 years and, therefore, constantly vindicates its African roots.

With almost two meters of height (1.98 meters), is the highest Spanish player who has played a tournament and the youngest to debut in the Women's NBA with 19 years. Its beginnings were not easy since the MVP suffers from anemia although that was not an impediment to conquer the sky with the Spanish team.

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