We need to do more for homeless people in our nation


If you have lived in one of the main cities of America or have visited them for the past five to seven years, you probably saw one of America's biggest themes: the terrible homeless crisis.

It is tackling our country and extricating many of our cities during a period of low unemployment and economic prosperity.

California – a state where GDP would be the fifth largest economy in the world and high taxes high – four of the five cities have the highest homeless rates in America, according to a report issued by the Economic Consultants Council.

How can this be done?

There are many reasons, but it is clear that mental health, lack of safe shelters, drug addiction and inadequate guidance from state and local governments.

In other words, bureaucrats are failing our most vulnerable at the time they need them most.

Often when a large government fails, private sector heroes emerge. That is what happened in New York last week.

Covenant House, a privately funded agency with 47 years of age that provides housing and support services to homeless young people, has quietly announced that it will build a new, more extensive facility on its current site. Manhattan.

The $ 128 million campaign was directed by a $ 10 million donation from Strauss Zelnick and his wife Wendy Belzberg. Zelnick ZMC runs Zelnick Media Capital and is Chief Executive of Take Two Interactive, the gaming company.

We can do much better as a nation.

The solution must start with the people, and the responses relate to empathy, education and the effective use of capital – for example the Covenant House model.

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