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We saw the new Yaris Cross. It’s practically a tuned small SUV

To begin with, we state that the car is standing on a platform TNGA (GA-B). The overall dimensions of the Cross stand somewhere between the classic Yaris, with which it has the same wheelbase, and a slightly larger C-HR. Which is more of a design-oriented car, while the Yaris Cross is supposed to be mainly practical.

ATV on request

The novelty is thinking about terrain, where all-wheel drive is used, which is available in hybrid variants and is solved by an electric motor on the rear axle. Depending on the situation, 100% of the force can be applied to the front wheels and can be achieved if necessary up to a ratio of 40:60 in favor of the rear wheels. In addition, the driver has two special modes for normal driving. The first is Snow, which adjusts the behavior so that the starts on a slippery surface are as smooth as possible, as well as the ride. Trail again, it can brake the individual wheels in the event of a descent. We are quite curious about this and if we get the “quad bike” in our hands, we will definitely try it. One more clarification – all-wheel drive variants will have multi-element wheel suspension, forerunners get torsion bar.


In the same way, the volume of the suitcase changes with the variants. The forerunner gets bigger in volume 397 liters, in addition, it will have a double floor, which can be divided into two parts, where, for example, the left will be lower and the right higher – again something we are quite curious about. Thanks to the inverter, all-wheel drive required more space between the rear wheels, so the owners will be deprived of this tweak. At the same time, it means a smaller volume of luggage space, but neither 320 liters not a bad number.

New infotainment!

As has been the custom with Toyota lately, the most basic and combed variant will be a complete system. Toyota Safety Sense 2.5. This means lane keeping (which, by the way, can be switched off with a button on the steering wheel), intelligent cruise control, a collision avoidance system and similar features. But what pleased the most is the new infotainment. Toyota was really far behind in this and the competition ran out of it considerably. But Yaris Cross will bring the system Toyota Smart Connect, which will work with its own navigation, which will download data on weather, radars and traffic from the cloud. The whole thing will be able to be updated remotely, it will be able to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, while retaining the hardware buttons on the side. In addition to this, there will be an application to the phone that displays driving data, the position of the vehicle, the car can be locked remotely via it, or tidy / heated before driving.

The price of the car will start at 435,000 crowns, sales will officially begin in September and the first customers should receive their cars in the same month.


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