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“We will be very attentive to the effects they will have”

“Two things worry us despite everything. The Indian variant and the new relaxations from June 9, ”explained the biostatistician.

However, it is possible that the numbers will stabilize at some point. “We’ll have to see who wins the competition. We have on the one hand the vaccination campaign which has accelerated and on the other hand, the Belgians who will have more contact, which means a greater risk of contamination, especially with this Indian variant which will take more more important, ”explains Geert Molenberghs. According to the biostatistician, we are not running into disaster: “If we manage to delay the anchoring of the Indian variant in our country, we would allow the vaccination campaign to advance further and therefore that more people are protected” , he added.

The expert nevertheless underlined the many positive aspects currently in the figures, with in particular a positivity rate, that is to say the number of positive tests compared to the total number of tests carried out, which is 4, 1% nationwide. “We can clearly see the positive effects of the vaccination campaign,” he concluded on HLN.


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