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What became of ‘Antonio Mercader’? This is the new life of the youngest of the “Machos” of Channel 13 | TV and Show

This Monday Channel 13 re-released one of its most acclaimed TV series, Males, which marked a whole generation since its first broadcast on March 10, 2003 and became one of the favorites by the public.

18 years after her debut on the small screen, The telenovela was broadcast again at 2:30 p.m., after the success of the retransmission of Witches -which was originally broadcast in 2005- and after the public asked for his return through social networks.

Given its popularity, it was no surprise that Males It will become the first Chilean television series to extend for more than one semester -was issued between March and October 2003-. It even crossed the border barriers becoming the best-selling Chilean television product in history -it was marketed in more than 40 countries-, being broadcast in various latitudes of Latin America, Central Europe and Spain, and prompting a Mexican adaptation that was made by TV Azteca.

The plot

Original by Pablo Illanes, Coca Gómez and Sebastián Arrau, the television bet revolves around the ‘Mercader’ clan lead by ‘Angel’ (Héctor Noguera), a very strict father who, together with his wife, ‘Valentina’ (Liliana Ross), He has raised his seven children under a macho and authoritarian regime: ‘Alonso’ (Cristian Campos), ‘Armando’ (Rodrigo Bastidas), ‘Ariel’ (Felipe Braun), ‘Alex’ (Jorge Zabaleta), ‘Adam’ (Gonzalo Valenzuela), ‘Amaro’ (Diego Muñoz) and ‘Antonio’ (Pablo Díaz).

During its 163 episodes, the television series “It put men on the front line of a national television series for the first time, making visible all their problems with themes such as patriarchy, homosexuality, sexual dysfunctions and the struggle between men and women”, as reported by Channel 13 in your page.

Males | Channel 13


The story closely follows the life and relationships of ‘Angel’, ‘Valentina’ and his sons. ‘Alonso’ he is the firstborn, a successful architect who has trouble getting over the early death of his wife until he meets ‘Sonia’ (Carolina Arregui), a humble empanadas vendor from Concón, who has been his father’s lover for twelve years.

Follow him ‘Armando’, the second son who after being laid off returns to the family home with his wife, ‘Comfort’ (Viviana Rodríguez), and her son, ‘Andresito’ (José Jiménez).

‘Ariel’ is the third, and one with the most prominent stories. He returns to Chile in order to regain his relationship with his family after ten years living in Barcelona, after his father expelled him from the clan for his homosexuality. Despite being the black sheep of the family, he fulfilled his father’s great dream after dedicating himself to cardiology.

The fourth Merchant is ‘Alex’, a womanizer who owns a beach bar and is dedicated to conquering ‘Fernanda’ (María Elena Swett), a teacher who works in the family home. In parallel, he has a furtive romance with ‘Monica’ (María José Prieto), his best friend’s girlfriend ‘Benjamín’ (Juan Pablo Bastidas), and with ‘Soraya’ (Mariana Loyola), employee of her parents’ house.

Adam and his father Angel | Channel 13

‘Adam’ is the fifth child and his father’s favorite. Like ‘Ariel’He has also dedicated himself to a career in medicine, practicing as a gynecologist. Although initially he is the boyfriend of ‘Belen’ (Ingrid Cruz), then falls in love with ‘Fernanda’, so you must face ‘Alex’ and the sexual traumas that keep him a virgin at 26.

His brother follows him ‘Amaro’, an architecture student and a very responsible man who falls madly in love with one of his teachers, ‘Isabel’ (Adriana Vacarezza), twenty years older than him.

The youngest of the clan is ‘Antonio’, a very charismatic and rebellious young man who is in fourth grade and falls in love with ‘Madonna’ (Lorena Capetillo), daughter of a domestic worker. At the same time, he gets all the attention and flirtations from ‘Kiara’ (Carolina Varleta), who is willing to fight for the man she wants.

Males | Channel 13

The Males nowadays

Almost two decades after the premiere of the television series, many of the main actors of Males have continued at the top of the television world.

That is the case of Jorge Zabaleta, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Diego Muñoz, who after the success of the program followed successful careers.

Zabaleta starred Daddy ricky (2007, Canal 13), I rule here (2011, TVN) and Power Games (2019, Mega), among many others. Valenzuela, for his part, led Drifting Dad (2015, Mega) and recently joined the cast of Demented (2021, Mega). Muñoz, meanwhile, has starred in TV series such as Charly tango (2006, Canal 13), Messrs. Papis (2016, Mega) and 100 days to fall in love (2019, Mega).

For his part, after his participation in Males Cristian Campos continued linked to the world of acting but also to politics. In 2006, in the mandate of the president Michelle bachelet, was designated as cultural attaché in Washington (USA). Later he returned to the soap operasThe most recent being two Mega productions: 100 days to fall in love (2019) and Hidden Truths, where he will play the older version of the character of ‘Tomás Valencia’ (Matías Oviedo).

Rodrigo Bastidas, while, left behind his career as an actor in soap operas to dedicate himself to the world behind the scenes, from where He has been a scriptwriter for successful Mega TV series as Pituca without Lucas (2014), Poor rooster (2016), Easy dad (2017) and more recently Corona Building (2021).

Finally, Felipe Braun starred in his last soap opera in 2018: Love to dieby TVN. A short time later, the interpreter made the decision to leave for Puerto Varas with his family and stay away from acting.

Antonio Mercader | Channel 13

And what became of ‘Antonio Mercader’?

The actor who played the youngest of the family clan he fondly remembers his passage through Males. In statements shared by Channel 13 a BioBioChile, the actor Pablo Diaz He referred to his participation in the hit telenovela.

“So many years ago and so young that we were… I like that he comes back MalesIt is the largest television series that has been made in the history of Chile and from there it deserves this return ”, he indicated.

On the television series, he added that “The impact it had with its theme was unique and it transcended borders, being sold to many countries. I was traveling outside and they recognized me. That had not happened to me and I think it has not happened again thanks to a project “.

Further, “It was a soap opera that featured topics that were discussed on television for the first time and in a way that was liked (…) now it’s good to revisit them and see how people will take them”Diaz said.

On his role as ‘Antonio’, Díaz stated that “It was a role that represented young people and symbolized that rebellious youth who wanted to enjoy their freedom. That is the objective that he fulfilled within the story, and from there he identified many “.

The present of Pablo Díaz

After passing through Males, Díaz participated in various teleseries such as Hippie (2004, Canal 13), Live with 10 (2007, CHV), Only Julia (2013, TVN) and Tell me who was (2017, TVN).

However, it was the backstage craft that really captivated him as a professional: Currently, Díaz is dedicated to the production of fiction projects and behind-the-scenes work. Until now, has developed a prolific career as Executive Producer of major telenovelas as Love again (2014, TVN), The Chúcara (2014, TVN), A Devil with an Angel (2016, TVN) and more recently 100 days to fall in love (2019, Mega), Corona Building (2021, Mega) and Demented (2021, Mega).

Despite this, occasionally participates in local productions. The most recent was the film Kill Pinochet, released in November 2020, which focuses on the attack against the dictator Augusto Pinochet that occurred in 1986.

But surely your work on Males it will leave a mark on your heart forever. “I to Males I remember it very especially because it was my first successful TV series and it meant a boom. From there my career did not stop and that is why I have so much affection for him. In that sense, it is nice that now I return and travel to the past and remember everything that marked us “, Diaz finished.


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