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What conditions predominate massively in COVID deaths. Doctor: Well, good man, go and get vaccinated!

Gabriel Diaconu, a psychiatrist, posted on his social media page a message in which he talks in great detail about tombstones and vaccines, but also about the main ailments that the 40,000 Romanians killed by COVID had:

Bezna. Thrombi and vaccines.

The signs of idiocy are like a bead. People tend to wear them in plain sight, or even brag about them, or wait for compliments. We, the Romanians, have a beautiful word that sums up these features: fudulie.

It’s time to clear up, once and for all, an issue. This is because people are afraid, terrified, terrified (at the limit) of the idea of ​​getting vaccinated against COVID. Why are they afraid?

The thrombosis.

I ask the reader to pause here, and to seek in his own consciousness, as simply as he can, a definition of the thrombus. So, before continuing reading, the man would do well to ask himself the question: do I know, or not, what a thrombus is?

I risk speculation that, although it’s a word on everyone’s lips, the overwhelming majority have no idea what a thrombus is. It could be a dish, it could be a species of fern, it could be an exotic fish or an alien. The same.

As a result, an intermediate conclusion emerges: people are afraid of what they do not know. Unknown. I do not claim that, once these lines are read, people will “know” or “understand” thrombus, respectively thrombosis. But I feel compelled to give an explanation.

More cells die, more vessels break

To understand what a thrombus is, you have to understand blood.

Blood is not a red liquid, that’s all. Blood is a wonder, an intelligent fluid, full of life and life-giving, whose recipe can be summarized in two broad categories of elements: some liquids (plasma), respectively some solids (cells, proteins that “carry” various things on they, minerals).

The solid parts “walk” through the plasma. But it doesn’t work anyway. It travels through the plasma, in their flow through the vessels, in a smart and, in most cases, orderly manner. To understand, there is a whole branch of biophysics dedicated to the flow of intelligent fluids called “rheology” (from “rhea”, flow in Greek).

This movement of cells through plasma, through vessels, we say is “laminar” in a normal situation, physiological, respectively “turbulent” at various intersections, anatomical intersections (where arteries come out, where there are valves, where there are anatomical curves made by vessels ). The laminar flow is like walking on the German autobahn: each on its own lane. Turbulent is like in a circle in Mioriţa.

The infrastructure on which the blood flows is NOT perfect. It’s still breaking. More cells are dying. Mechanical injuries also occur. Vessels are still breaking. Vessels are still clogged for various reasons.

The blood, which is in permanent COMMUNICATION with the vessel through which it flows, has a spectacular ability: namely to “repair”, on its part, damage on the road.

How does he do that? Well, it has two very clever things, dedicated to the process (a kind of “rapid intervention force”): platelets (or platelets), respectively some dedicated proteins, called “clotting factors”, on the one hand, fibrinogen and special enzymes, on the other. on the other hand.

So, as in the joke with the evangelists who were three, Luke and Matthew, one of them: platelets, clotting factors, fibrinogen and enzymes. Or “needle and patch”.

He’s addicted to bugs

THE THROMBUS is the agglomeration of fibrin (which is made of fibrinogen), platelets and other figurative elements (red and white cells) that “stain” the lesion.

Thrombosis is also a very clever thing, because it’s not a stupid plug and that’s it. Anyone who has ever had a finger cut, or bruised, has seen what a thrombus looks like (it is also called a clot): at first it is soft, then it is hard.

This patch goes through a process of evolution in itself. As long as he stays there, like the scaffolding on the building, other cells in the back are working frantically and hard to “repair” the damage. When the “work” is finished, there is a “lysis” (or “melting” of it), which would also be worth a story, but that is something else.

The blood, once again clearly and clearly stated, is ALWAYS coagulating / anti-coagulating. It’s in balance, we say, dynamically. But the coagulation cascade, or the time of thrombus formation, is dependent on the lesion. The bug. The wound. Dysfunction – usually – of the most intimate membrane of the vessels (we call it endothelium).

As an exception to the above statement, in particular, exceptional and / or severe situations, this cascade of thrombus formation, or coagulation, may begin without an endothelial injury.

We call it “INTRA-vascular coagulation”, with or without dissemination (scattering).

One case in a million doses

As is the case with COVID-19, where the inflammatory aberration caused by the virus disrupts the dynamic blood balance in the second stage of the disease, when in fact COVID, from a respiratory infection, becomes a blood disease, and then one of two dies: either pneumonia or disseminated thrombosis.

COVID vaccines do NOT cause thrombosis. I repeat: COVID vaccines do NOT give thrombosis. All cases of thrombosis observed after vaccination with two vaccines (Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson respectively) occurred in people who had a rare form of coagulation disorder, so a very rare previous predisposition (vulnerability), namely a mutation of extreme coagulation factor 4 rare. Of these, most had PREVIOUS thrombotic phenomena.

The reported cases had a frequency of one case per million doses.

By comparison, the overwhelming majority of people with clotting problems did NOT have thrombotic effects. On the contrary, these people MUST be vaccinated.

Why? Because if I do COVID, the chance of getting – due to the disease – thrombosis complications is high. Of the order of 15 – 20% chances, possibly even more if people have other diseases, that we are talking about venous insufficiency, diabetes, hypertension, a history of myocardial infarction or strokes.

So the RISK of getting a thrombosis because of the vaccine, compared to the disease (“let’s get immunized naturally”) is MILLIONS LESS.

He hesitates to recommend vaccination

I have fellow hematologists, cardiologists, specialists in dermatology, rheumatology, etc. (where “blood” or “vessel” problems are common) and who, to my amazement, are reluctant to recommend anti-COVID vaccination.


Didn’t we all learn the same biophysics, the same physiology and pathophysiology? Didn’t we all remember the same clotting cascade? Don’t we all practice the same medicine? Don’t we all read the same books, the same studies?

Better man: if you know of varicose veins of the limbs, or of venous insufficiency, or of hypertension or diabetes, go ahead and get vaccinated. COVID-19 kills. The vaccine does not. Do this kid well.

And you, if you are a hematologist or oncologist or dermatologist, judge medically to the end these times we live in, and return to the background medical judgment, not the bazacons that circulate on the lips of all impostors.

You risk killing your COVID patient, as has already happened so much.

The vaccine saves lives

Do you want to know what are the main “comorbidities” that the authorities keep announcing to those who died of COVID, all the over 40 thousand Romanians DEAD by the crown so far?

Heart and vessel disease (see above): hypertension, history of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, chronic venous insufficiency) diabetes (see above), plus minus chronic alcohol consumption, blood diseases that occur in diseases Chronic liver disease, or other systemic diseases (of the lungs, but also cancers, leukemias) Among those who died of COVID MASSIVE predominate those who had problems with coagulation secondary to their primary diseases.

This is the main reason why the vaccine SAVES LIVES. Because it effectively prevents COVID coagulopathy. Because it prevents COVID thrombosis. Because it prevents death by multiple damage to the organs of the body, in addition to the lungs.

History forgives me, but we owe it to her to affirm all these truths, and to do so until we are hoarse before the common man. His life is at stake, not our science.

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