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WhatsApp: “invisible mode” and “offline mode”, the tricks so that they do not see you connected in the app

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. But many prefer to prevent all their contacts from knowing when they are online, when they write, or to be able to read messages without the double blue check mark for “read” appearing.

Avoid appearing “online” on WhatsApp is possible thanks to a trick called “Invisible mode”. To use it we have to do something that may be counterintuitive: do not open the application.

Something similar happens with the “offline mode”, which allows hiding that we are “online” or “writing”, turning off the WiFi connection and cell phone data

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WhatsApp: how to activate the “invisible mode”

For not appear connected and to be able to read the messages we have to do the following:

  • On the desktop, on a free screen of the cell phone, we have to do click for a couple of seconds on a blank part from the screen.
  • A button will appear that says “Widgets”.
  • We choose it and select the box that says “WhatsApp messages” (there may be other options).
  • We arrange it on the desk. The size can be enlarged or reduced.
  • Now, when chats come to us, we can read them there instead of opening WhatsApp. And do not mark them as read or show us “online”.

WhatsApp “Offline mode”: how to hide that we are “online” or “writing”

  • When a message arrives, before opening it, we will have to lower the notification bar and avoid entering WhatsApp.
  • Both on Android and iPhone we will have to activate “airplane mode”, which will turn off WiFi and data of the cell phone, so that it is completely disconnected.
  • Just now can we enter WhatsApp, read the messages and reply to them.
  • Once finished we exit WhatsApp and we deactivate the “airplane mode”, to regain connectivity.
  • Written messages will be sent and no one will have seen us “online” or writing.

Hide the last connection time

Of course, another classic WhatsApp alternative is not showing the last time we were connected

So far, the current WhatsApp privacy settings They offered three possibilities: share the last connection time with everyone, only with contacts or with no one.

The problem, for many, was that if they chose not to share that information, they could not see that of their contacts either. “If you do not show the time of your last connection, you will not be able to see the time of the last connection of the others,” the application reports.

In September it was leaked that WhatsApp is testing an alternative: “All my contacts except”.

This will allow, as the name implies, that everyone can see the last connection … except some.

The new option in WhatsApp:
The new option in WhatsApp: “My contacts except …” (Photo: WABetaInfo).

This new feature will allow users to choose to have all their contacts see their last connection time by default, but make an exception for certain contacts, without having to hide this information from everyone. In this way we can choose to let a boss, parents or an annoying colleague or workmate know that we are connected … or that we stay chatting until late.

In addition to the option for the last connection time, the possibility to choose exceptions among the contacts will also apply to the privacy options of displaying the profile image and the user description information.


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