When he sees Uni, he goes ahead of Bara to Champions


In his short but remembered stage in Girona, Barça's current coach, Svetislav Pesic, used to take advantage of the press conferences to relax and talk about the situations he did not understand, or basically he did not like, about the club, the Akasvayu, the Girona fans or the city itself. One of the recurring reflections of the Serbian technician revolved around the influx of spectators in Fontajau in European matches during the week. Pesic did not understand why in the European matches during the week, of a FIBA ​​Cup that the Akasvayu would end up winning, the tickets were lower than in the league games. How did you spend a Wednesday with not yet 2,500 spectators to see how Marc Gasol and company passed over the French Dijon (117-83 in the game of the impressive 10/11 in triples of Fernando San Emeterio) to the four or, in some cases, Five thousand spectators on Sundays with rivals like Valladolid, Murcia or Caja San Fernando. The difference, and that's what Pesic did not understand, it was the day. In Girona, basketball and going to Fontajau have traditionally been associated on Sunday afternoon and, therefore, the three thousand fans they saw, and enjoy Wednesday the victory of the Spar Citylift Girona against the Dinamo of Kursk are the best proof of the great consolidation of the Uni project. A club that, four years ago, when it was proclaimed as the first league champion, had around 800 members and now has little more than triple, around 2,400, and places 3,000 spectators in Fontajau going over coincidence, before Always perceived as a synonym for "bad entry", with a transcendent game of Barça in the Champions League.

"In European competition we are creating a very good atmosphere at Fontajau in the games of the week, with the people whistling in each defense, helping us to fight for each ball and win matches", explains Èric Surís, who is clear that The atmosphere that was played Thursday against the Dinamo de Kursk is heir to what has been experienced in the last two seasons in round-trip rounds against Montpellier, Lyon, Moscow, Olympiakos, Galatasaray … «The response of the people should not surprise us, at Eurocup it was the same but in a smaller format than it is now in the Euroleague, with a league instead of those knockout rounds and physically and technically superior rivals, "continues Surís, in an analysis that shows that, as has happened In the case of increasing the social mass, the response of the public in the games during the week has not stopped growing.

In the first season of the Uni in the Euroleague, 2015/2016, Girona did not manage to get away from the last place of the group in a first experience marked by the departure of Chelsea Gray before Christmas and for injuries such as the one of the Greek Artemis Spanou. However, the team that trained the current technician at the Perfumerías Avenida, Miguel Angel Ortega, achieved some victories of merit. Especially, one against Prague that came to Fontajau as then a valid European champion and with players such as Laia Palau, Marta Xargay or Sonja Petrovic, who did not play for any discomfort on the shoulder. That day, around 1,500 people saw Uni defeating Czechs with a final basketball at Knezevic. Now, four seasons later, the Uni gathered 2,500 spectators against Sopron and 3,000 against the Kursk.

Last season, the Kursk Dynamo was runner-up of the Euroleague after losing the final against Ekaterinburg, which in the semifinals had left Sopron. Kursk and Sopron, two of the four participants of the last Euroleague Final Four, have lost to Fontajau in the only two games that Spar Citylif Girona has played as a local in this first part of the Euroleague. Two victories of prestige of a team that is very comfortable next to their audience. «It's a lot of fun playing at home or playing outside, you have the support of the people that help you a lot in complicated moments and, above all, there is no wear and tear of having to travel and you can prepare the game well», María Araújo points out the difference between playing in Fontajau, where Uni has defeated Sopron and Kursk, or outside, where Girona has lost against Fenerbaçe, Lyon and Gydnia.

A 2-3 balance sheet that leaves Girona still with options to aspire absolutely to everything. In a very even team, only Fenerbahçe won four games of the five; Schio and Montpellier have three wins; i Up to five teams: Girona, Lyon, Kursk, Sopron and Gydnia, have two. And, all this, without the Girona have been able to count on two of their key pieces: Núria Martínez and, for many, the best player in Europe in recent years, Sonja Petrovic. In a few days, the Serbian defender will be training in Girona once he has overcome a knee injury.

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