White House Lifts Keep Military Aid to Lebanon


However, the Department of State and Pentagon have pressed to ensure that aid continues to the Lebanese Armed Forces, arguing that the military acts as a major weight for Hezbollah and Sunni's extremes. The military is a multilateral part of the government.

Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, who traveled last week to the American Embassy in Lebanon. Mr Murphy said in a statement on Monday afternoon that it was “relief” that the aid was uncommon. But Monday morning, before news agencies reported that the holding had been abolished, he criticized the administrative decision.

“It was very clear in Ukraine what they had to do to release the money. When I was there ”in Lebanon, he said in an interview,“ it was very annoying. I went there, and we all knew that the money wasn't flowing and no one would say why. ”

Aid for Lebanon took place from at least the end of June, around the same period as the aid for Ukraine, according to the t David Hale, the third stage officer in the Department of State. Mr Hale spoke to law makers during hearing of House closed drugs inquiries November 6 the assistance available to both countries, by transcript.

He said so July 23rd, he learned by email that the most senior State official in charge of the Middle East policy spoke to an officer at the Patagonia about the secrecy surrounding the delays in Lebanese and Ukrainian aid. The “speculated two of them, the new normal for assistance?” Mr Hale said.

“The aid package to Lebanon was similar,” Mr Hale said.

He added that a wider review of external assistance was underway “to restore the norms that guide the assistance we provide abroad.” T

It was on July 23, he said, the Management Office and Budget said in an interagency meeting on a lower level that the aid of Ukraine was suspended. He stated that formal or informal communication had never been given to the Department of State on the rationale for the suspension of military assistance in Lebanon.


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