Yankees shows Luke Voit tough, avoids injury scare


It takes more than a pitch to confront Luke Voit from his job.

Sure, the first Yankees baseman left Saturday matchup with the Rockies after the fourth inning after they took a pitch straight to the face from Colorado, right-hander Chad Bettis.

The training team arrived on the field to watch Voit before he chose to stay in the game, putting the first race and the second for Didi Gregorius. Austin Romine scored from second place and Voit went third after Gregorius ripped to one area.

Gregorius went second on a wild park, with Voit holding thirdly, before Voit and Gregorius made a single score two Torres Gleyber left.

The vote was then considered in the compromise protocol, and cleared. He left the game, however, and Gio Urshela took his spot in the order and played the third time when DJ LeMahieu moved first.

“It doesn't surprise me [Luke stayed in the game first]. I don't think it surprises you guys, ”said Romine after the 11-5 race of the Rockies in The Bronx. “If you know Luke, he's going to play the game. The guy is like a bull out there. Just very happy it was not worse than it was, so some dangerous things were going up with the person. I think he put a shot on bullets that he didn't get too bad. ”

Boone is not worried about Voit, saying that he felt good about having to take it out. Boone said that he believes he will be okay after speaking to Voit right afterwards.

Tension took place in the eighth when Romine took some high, inside of fast balls from Rockies pitcher Jairo Diaz. The Sabathia CC was in charge of voice dissatisfaction from the Yankees 'excavation'.

Boone did not believe that there was a malicious secret behind the steep fields to Romine, but he was not – as the rest of the team – happy with them.

“Many balls go up and into. Any team is going to worry at that point, ”said Romine. “It's about, we won, moving on.”


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