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Yogurt Can Be The Best Healthy Snack for Children

Jakarta: As is well known, yogurt has tremendous benefits for the health and development of children. Starting from probiotics, calcium, to dietary fiber.

Instead of choosing snack foods such as chocolate and candy, yogurt is also filling for children. Especially when they left the moment of breastfeeding.

“Most children stop consuming milk at the age of two years, and the percentage of adequate calcium in children decreases dramatically after the age of two years,” explained Emilia Achmadi, MS. RDN, nutritionist.

The intake of vitamin D and potassium, according to Emilia, is also low in children aged 2-11 years, and these two ingredients are available in quality yogurt.

“Yogurt also contains protein and calcium which are important for bone health. Especially the bones of children who grow quickly,” said Emilia.

Currently, there are still many parents who are worried about the sugar content in dairy products such as yogurt. In fact, according to the Nutrition Journal 2017 created by Azais-Braesco V et al., Yogurt only contains 1-8% natural sugar and 4-9% added sugar, making yogurt safe for children’s consumption.

Doc: Greenfields

The best thing about yogurt, says Emilia, is eating it. Kids can enjoy a delicious snack and not exceed their daily calorie limit.

“In addition, yogurt also contains unmatched nutrients that support children’s growth. And, yogurt is also a versatile and fun dish! Moms can be creative and make yogurt a child’s favorite snack,” said Emilia.

Seeing the various benefits that yogurt has for children, Greenfields, an expert on processed milk products, comes up with products that can be a solution for children, especially those who find it difficult to eat healthy foods.

Greenfields introduced its newest products, namely Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink, with special packaging for children, small packaging for the little ones. Greenfields Kids Yogurt Pouch and Kids Yogurt Drink also come in packages suitable for children, 80 grams for Kids Yogurt Pouch and 150ml for Kids Yogurt Drink.


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