‘You Oughta Know ': The Way to Make A 90s Aunt with Broadway Meets


Alanis Morissette wrote “You Oughta Know,” the first single from “Jagged Little Pill,” her 1995 album, “because I had to get it out of my body,” she said.

In the song, a woman, in a voice that a New York Times critic showed that "critic," it sets into an old lover. Sample lyrics: “And every time I write my nails / Down someone else's back I hope you feel it / Well, can you feel it?”

The song came from a place rage, Ms. Morissette, 45, with heroic coherence in a telephone interview a few days after birth his third child with her husband, the rapper Mario Treadway.

“Excellent rage, rage from playing nice, rage from pretending to be‘Stepford-y, ”She said, referring to“ The Stepford Wives, ”the novel about men who accept compliant robots with their spouses. “Rage from trying to create coherence in a room, when some of me wanted to lose it and caused a lot of disruption.” T

Sa earlier the production, the song Ms. Patten, supported by an ensemble doing Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui choreography, Members of the audience catapulted on their feet and screened lightboard operators to keep tips until the show could continue.

To understand how the only hit came to be a whirlwind at 11:00, I spoke with Ms Morissette; its producer and co-writer, Glen Ballard; Ms Patten; and the other music creators. These are editorial extracts from the conversation.

Glen Ballard, songwriter It was written in one day in November 1994, sitting in my studio, but the two of us. The music and words occurred exactly at the same time. Her words were flowing from her words. It was only a magical thing, without this exploitation.

Alanis Morissette, songwriter It was probably written in about 20 to 30 minutes, in fact, quickly. I hate to use birth references, but this one was just quick and painful, a terrible work and then this beautiful little furious rage. The horror is beneath the rage.

Ballard Although he is being angry with the song, he was not angry when we wrote it. She was 19 and laughing as crazy all the time.

Morissette I remember at one point, I turned to Glen and said, “We are probably going to you need to change some lyrics, as there are a lot of offensive moments here. ”And he said,“ Why would you change anything? Is this your experience? ”And I said, 'Yes. ”And he said,“ So why would you change it? God blessed him.

Morissette When the music producers “Jagged Little Pill” came to me, years ago, I was attractive and disturbed and grieved. I didn't want biogas, but I didn't want a story like music. So it took us about seven years. And I was completely happy that it wouldn't be there.

Diablo Cody, book writer I was a teenage girl in the 90s. Alanis succeeded greatly in my life. I broke those songs in my Ford Escort, I sang them with all my friends. My Ref the purpose of this was to love her and to give her blessing. I was so bad.

Diane Paulus, director “You Oughta Know” is a great song. We all agreed, you can't give that too soon, because everyone is waiting for that song. It must come in a way that you might not expect.

Cody I did not know at first who was to sing it, because there are some characters that would end their detection. But Jo was really going on to Jo, who burns everything with humor. For that character, who is burning things out, to suddenly explode, it is powerful.

Lauren Patten, performer It was a nice minute trial. I came with “So What” with Pink and I did that, and then they were like, “Do you know O You Oughta Know’? ”And I like, “Yes?”

Paulus There was something about how she put that song around, singing because she was jumping out on a cliff and doing her own.

Patten I remember Bryan Perri, our music director asking me, “Does it hurt your voice? And I like, “No, this is how I sing.”

Cody “You Oughta Know” creates a very specific picture of confrontation. There were some details that were not in line with our story. We had to change a coupon, thoroughly, without the audience going, “These words aren't!”

Tom Kitt, music supervisor I wanted to decrypt it, to keep the listener unaware of it. I wanted to get the progress of the feeling.

Paulus In the way Tom Kitt organized it, he didn't hit his groove right away. Energy release is available.

Patten Alanis basically starts at 10 with the whole song. And that is very exciting and very cold. But that would depend on me, if I had to meet up at the top of the song.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, choreographer It starts from a real place of marriage, so that there is nothing to do with your work.

Paulus It begins to refocus and contribute and becoming more and more and we need to include everyone, psychologically, emotionally.

Kitt We added the ensemble with vocal arrangement from the bridge. They are part of Jo.

Cherkaoui It was all very individual. Everyone in the ensemble had to find their own anger or disappointment.

Cody The first time I saw him on stage, I remember thinking, she's just to stand there? ”And then when it takes, it is an inferno.

Ballard What they found in the heart of the song is that the first half is detected, but then, catharsis, freedom.

Patten The first preview (in Cambridge), that was the first time I got really nervous. There were hundreds of Alanis fans who flew from the world literally. It was crazy. And so I want, “Tpeople are listening to Alanis version of this song for years, and am about to sing them in a very different way.

Paulus That audience went crazy. They stood up in the middle of the show. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, what's happening here?” The next day, we went back to a high-tech exercise, and I changed the lighting tips to deliberately try to kill this moment. There was no question. It just happened. It happened every show.

Cody It was like an exotic, every night. When this song was about to start, I would hear the employees from the theater coming out of the back office to see it. Because it was not acceptable.

Ballard I had chips. And I was crying all the time. Actually, I couldn't go through my tears of joy.

Patten Jo loves this moment as a dismissal for her person – a sharper person who does not know exactly how she recognizes. Irrational size of people it belongs to Jo. Since everyone knows how it feels you don't feel, feel free, you are considered as a person. It becomes a very stark spot for everyone in the audience to really experience someone, trying to be heard.

Morissette This is what it looks like when you give permission to someone you have permission to. The redemption from being compulsory to “Stepford” is a great source of tranquility. When I saw it in Cork, I want, (expletive), yeah.


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