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YouTube mother Machelle Hobson accused of child abuse at Scottsdale hospital



Machelle Hobson (Photo: PCSO)

Maricopa's mother officers insisted that some of the common YouTube videos that died on Tuesday included charges of abuse and neglect of her seven adopted children taking the children.

Machelle Hobson, 47, died in a Scottsdale hospital around 10 o'clock, said Ricardo Alvarado, spokesman for the Maricopa Police Department.

No details were provided on the cause of death.

Hobson was arrested in March after some of his adopted children say they were at Maricopa police striking, injected and pepper-sprayed as a control. The police said Hobson would abuse her children if she was unhappy with their performances in her YouTube channel "Fantastic Adventures," http://rssfeeds.azcentral.com/ "which had a large amount of the following.

The videos on Hobson's channel had millions of views – which showed script-sketches that had been activated by their children – but the channel was removed after arrest.

Hobson was charged with multi-felony accounts including child abuse and kidnapping. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In August, a judge announced that Hobson was incapable of being tried but was unhappy.

The case was suspended and prosecutors worked to restore Hobson to competence in the Natural County so that she could go to trial in the case.


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